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The word Lakhdar has a web popularity of 2850000 pages.


What means Lakhdar?
The meaning of Lakhdar is unknown.

Web synthesis about this name:

...Lakhdar is a town and commune in mostaganem province.
Lakhdar is a town and commune in tlemcen province in northwestern algeria.
Lakhdar is a town and commune in skikda province in northeastern algeria.
Lakhdar is the administrative director of the program on the legal profession at harvard law school.
Lakhdar is clever here because he knows that for salafis.
Lakhdar is the author of many scientific papers in physics and mathematics and has been a founding member of the tunisian physics.

What is the origin of name Lakhdar? Probably France or Algeria.

Lakhdar spelled backwards is Radhkal
This name has 7 letters: 2 vowels (28.57%) and 5 consonants (71.43%).

Anagrams: Rahdalk Ralkahd Hlakrad
Misspells: Lskhdar Lakhdat Llakhdar Lakhdal Lakhda Lakhdara Lkahdar Lakhdra Lakhadr

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Lakhdar Lakhdar Lakhdar Lakhdar Lakhdar

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