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The word Alana has a web popularity of 56400000 pages.


What means Alana?

The meaning of Alana is: Fair

Web synthesis about this name:

...Alana is unique in that it exists as the only administratively run organization permitted to preside over and guide the affairs of student.
Alana is a channeled energy brought through sandy breckenridge.
Alana is an executive board member of the high hopes 24 hour crisis hotline.
Alana is taken into make up to prepare for the show so the others wait patiently.
Alana is knocked unconscious and jenny runs to get help.
Alana is always aware that she is meant to be a princess trapped in a dungeon or tinkerbell being kidnapped by the lost boys but she seems to.
Alana is a partner and head of our employment and hr consultancy group.
Alana is an 18 years old dancer working in a pub but on her spare time she is a member of vigilance.
Alana is an acronym that stands for students of african.
Alana is our main water quality technician for the 2001.

What is the origin of name Alana? Probably UK or Brazil.

Alana spelled backwards is Anala
This name has 5 letters: 3 vowels (60.00%) and 2 consonants (40.00%).

Anagrams: Aanla Anala Laana Naala Aalan Nalaa Aanal Alaan
Misspells: Slana Allana Alanaa Aalna Alaan Alnaa

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