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The word Raphael has a web popularity of 17300000 pages.


What means Raphael?

The meaning of Raphael is: God Has Healed

Web synthesis about this name:

...Raphael is charged to heal the earth and has a special charge of protecting the young.
Raphael is concerned with our suffering and with every affliction of the sons of men.
Raphael is noted in jewish and christian literature as an archangel.
Raphael is performing everywhere from concert halls to coffeehouses.
Raphael is documented as being absent from urbino and is probably in perugia with the painter pietro perugino.
Raphael is the name given to one of the seven archangels who stand before the throne of.
Raphael is known in the united states primarily as a screenwriter.
Raphael is the name given to one of the seven archangels who stand before the.
Raphael is one of the first archangels who was created by our lord out of.
Raphael is trying to prove that he can make the impossible work.

What is the origin of name Raphael? Probably France or Brazil.

Raphael spelled backwards is Leahpar
This name has 7 letters: 3 vowels (42.86%) and 4 consonants (57.14%).

Anagrams: Pahalre Apleahr Phaelar Elarhap Lraehap Perahal Haperla Lahaerp Lerpaha Hraplea Laparhe
Misspells: Rsphael Taphael Raphaell Laphael Aphael Raphaela Rpahael Raphale Rapheal

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Raphael Luiz Kosteke
Raphael Ruiz Boareto
Raphael Precioso Figueiredo
Raphael Caropreso
Raphael C Comellilia
Raphael De Assis
Raphael Furlanetto
Raphael Alessi
Raphael Santos Bezerra
Raphael Ramirez
Raphael Papin
Raphael Florencio
Raphael Azevedo Azevedo
Raphael Laruccia
Raphael Trisltz
Raphael Bandeira
Raphael O. Ferreira
Raphael Perrone
Raphael Vitoriano
Raphael Bastos Pupo
Raphael Ranieri
Raphael Martiniano
Raphael Regazzo
Raphael Ligabue
Raphael Coelho Marquez
Raphael Samia
Raphael Valadares
Raphael Del Bem
Raphael Feuilloy
Raphael Lagnado
Raphael Reghin
Raphael Gonçalves Ribeiro
Raphael Camara Silva
Raphael Boschini
Raphael Mayer
Raphael Gomide
Raphael Falasck
Raphael Saraiva
Raphael Ferreira Sales
Raphael Pinhataro
Raphael Bueno Marques
Raphael Tarpani
Raphael Meduza
Raphael Caldas Moraes
Raphael Possebon
Raphael Augustus
Raphael Henrique Cardoso
Raphael Schluter
Raphael Porto
Raphael Mereb Negrisoli
Raphael Cordeiro
Raphael Ghedin Schambeck
Raphael Vitali
Raphael Moreno Miranda
Raphael Wallace
Raphael Sanches Pereira
Raphael Manzoni
Raphael Caliman
Raphael Werneck
Raphael Lima Pedro
Raphael Menezes Braga