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The word Dean has a web popularity of 416000000 pages.


What means Dean?

The meaning of Dean is: Dweller In A Valley; Dean

Angela says: The name Dean is 100% ANGLO-SAXON in origin. It means FROM THE VALLEY.

Angela says: IMAGE SEARCH missed actor DEAN MEASOR.

Angela says: The image search has missed British born actor DEAN MEASOR.

Charlotte says: The name DEAN is 100% originated from Great Britain. It is Anglo-Saxon in origin and means from the valley.

Mohammed A Hegazi says: I picked this name for my dear son who is now a superb specimen of a decent human being. The reason for selecting the name was that it also had an Arabic meaning which is, "Principles, beliefs, creed or religion". Since then the name became very popular among Arabic speaking people who lived in English speaking countries. With the advent of the Internet revolution, the name became also popular in Arabic speaking countries.

Tess says: You have missed and mot listed one of the most famous people named Measor? The british norn actor Dean Measor! Why?

Tess says: You have missed and not listed one of the most famous people named Measor. The british born actor Dean Measor! Why?

Web synthesis about this name:

...Dean is new master of silliman college in a letter to the silliman college community announcing the appointment.
Dean is also a staple member of the bk im b hoops team.
Dean is considered one of the greatest mathematicians in graph theory.
Dean is a professor in the computer science department at brown university.
Dean is expected to provide effective leadership which will contribute to the further development of graduate programs.
Dean is coordinator of the campus lgbt resource center.
Dean is a strong supporter of public education and georgia educators know they can count on him for an even brighter.
Dean is chairman of the finance and public utilities committee and is secretary of the interstate cooperation committee.
Dean is the chief officer of a division and as such is its executive head.
Dean is responsible for enquiring into an alleged breach of discipline by a student and for taking further action in accordance with.

What is the origin of name Dean? Probably UK or New Zealand.

Dean spelled backwards is Naed
This name has 4 letters: 2 vowels (50.00%) and 2 consonants (50.00%).

Anagrams: Dena Edna Enda Adne Enad Naed Eadn Eand Ande Dnae Ndea Neda Aedn Ndae
Misspells: Desn Deana Daen Dena

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Dean Dean Dean Dean Dean
Dean Dean Dean Dean Dean

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