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The word Norbert has a web popularity of 79400000 pages.


What means Norbert?

The meaning of Norbert is: Northern Hero

Norbert says: Norbert is the saint of the D-Day (6.6.45)but it seem few people gave this name to commemorate this important days

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...Norbert is convinced that the europe interactive content industry can only contribute substantially to the evolution of a networked economy.
Norbert is currently responsible for the secondary pgce in modern foreign languages and the ma in modern languages in education.
Norbert is joint editor of the language learning journal of the association for language learning.
Norbert is producing his own irregular netwanderings.
Norbert is a remarkable story in only its 11th season as a varsity program.
Norbert is fine and he tells me he was doing his chores three weeks following his accident.
Norbert is the first papua new guinean to make his final profession.
Norbert is one of the reasons that our upper senior camp program is so successful.
Norbert is een harde strijd aan het strijden en god zend mensen op zijn weg.
Norbert is a homeless man who has become attached to sara for some reason.

What is the origin of name Norbert? Probably France or Germany.

Norbert spelled backwards is Trebron
This name has 7 letters: 2 vowels (28.57%) and 5 consonants (71.43%).

Anagrams: Rberton Rtonber Tnerbor
Misspells: Notbert Norbertt Nolbert Nobert Norberta Nrobert Norbetr Norbret

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