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The word Marcelino has a web popularity of 26300000 pages.


What means Marcelino?

The meaning of Marcelino is: Little Star Form Of The Latin Marcellus Meaning Hammer

Kelvin says: Who are you "people"?

Web synthesis about this name:

...Marcelino is still recovering from the effects of mt.
Marcelino is like a religious fairy tale that sends a message about hope and love.
Marcelino is desperate to escape another whole season with the reserves.
Marcelino is a computer specialist who has lived in st.
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Marcelino is eating his humble meal when he gives a piece of his bread to a wooden figure of jesus.
Marcelino is not injured and he is up for selection this season just like any other player.
Marcelino is poised to make only his second start of the season.

What is the origin of name Marcelino? Probably Brazil or Spain.

Marcelino spelled backwards is Onilecram
This name has 9 letters: 4 vowels (44.44%) and 5 consonants (55.56%).

Anagrams: Eromacnil Elcoimran Colamrien
Misspells: Msrcelino Matcelino Marcellino Marcelyno Malcelino Macelino Marcelinoa Mracelino Marcelion Marcelnio

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