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The word Orellana has a web popularity of 37800000 pages.


What means Orellana?
The meaning of Orellana is unknown.

David Orellana says: The surname Orellana derives from Aureliana, referring to Emperor Aurelianus Estate in Spain.

Marcelo Orellana says: The proposed relationship between Orellana and Aureliana is at best an hypothesis lacking the most elemental foundation.

Andres Ygnacio Orellana Borges says: Few Orellana in Venezuela, mostly found in the Andes mountain chains of Venezuela.

Web synthesis about this name:

...Orellana is the most comfortable way to experience cuyabeno.
Orellana is to see that they are sold provisions at a fair price and that deserters be aprehended.
Orellana is to advise francisco de arriola who will make arrangements for supplies for the passage.
Orellana is a business committed to providing legal consulting and advising services to national and international companies in industries such.
Orellana is cultivated throughout the tropics as a coloring for cloth.
Orellana is found in largest quantities from mexico to ecuador.
Orellana is commercially grown for the dye product and for its seeds as a spice.
Orellana is a member of the district of columbia bar.
Orellana is an outstanding student and also a beneficiary of the health care school.
Orellana is a unique flat bottom vessel specially built for river navigation.

What is the origin of name Orellana? Probably Chile or Argentina.

Orellana spelled backwards is Anallero
This name has 8 letters: 4 vowels (50.00%) and 4 consonants (50.00%).

Anagrams: Eroalanl Lalnerao Nelaralo Lelaonra Nolalrea Nrealoal Ranloale Elonaral
Misspells: Orellsna Otellana Orelllana Olellana Oellana Orellanaa Oerllana Orellaan Orellnaa

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Orellana Pangue
Orellana Hernández
Orellana Jarpa
Orellana Di Biaggio
Orellana Cordero
Orellana Largo
Orellana Guarda
Orellana Arce
Orellana Inostroza
Orellana Riera
Orellana Trigo
Orellana Montesinos
Orellana Acosta
Orellana Millar
Orellana Osses
Orellana Hermosilla