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What means Angel?

The meaning of Angel is: Angelic

pratik mallick says: pratik means symbol

Web synthesis about this name:

...Angel is designed to provide you with instant critical.
Angel is essentially a microchip device designed to be worn close to the body.
Angel is there to watch over you to hear what you say to see what you do an angel will guide you like a shining star.
Angel is also a champion in our times of deepest need.
Angel is designed to provide you with instant critical information to enhance the safety of your journey.
Angel is a limited edition of 2001 just for the upcoming christmas.
Angel is a spiritual creature created by god without a body for the service of christendom.
Angel is all some entrepreneurs need available from.

What is the origin of name Angel? Probably Spain or Russia.

Angel spelled backwards is Legna
This name has 5 letters: 2 vowels (40.00%) and 3 consonants (60.00%).

Anagrams: Anleg Negal Glena Geanl Ngael Aglen Elnag Agenl Lgean Alegn Lnage
Misspells: Sngel Angell Angela Agnel Angle Anegl

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Calderón Custodio Angel
Araya Angel
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Ponce Angel
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Caballero Angel
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Oliva Angel
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Ahumada Angel
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Valenzuela Angel
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Villalobos Angel
María Alcayaga Angel
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Carmen Jara Angel
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Opazo Angel
Jorge Carmelo Angel
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Enrique Jaime Angel
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Navarro Angel
María Catherine Angel
Manuel Miguel Angel
Zamora Angel
William Lorenzo Angel
Carmen Montoya Angel
Geraldo Angel
Aurora Navea Angel
Alexis Munizaga Angel
Carmen Reinoso Angel
Benedicto Enrique Angel
Angel Angel
Rolando García Angel
Alejandro Pastén Angel
Carlos Saldivia Angel
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Alfaro Angel
Gabriel Heriberto Angel
María Eugenia Angel
Ernesto Darío Angel
René Rivera Angel
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Fernanda Díaz Angel
Carlos Miguel Angel
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Arancibia Angel
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Verónica Peña Angel
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Cortés Angel
Yáñez Angel
Sergio Miguel Angel
Moisés Miguel Angel
María Soledad Angel
Muñoz Angel
Rodrigo Andrés Angel
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Beatriz Barraza Angel
Jara Angel
Tito Edmundo Angel
Rosario Milla Angel
Paola Aguilera Angel
José Jiménez Angel
Elisa Moya Angel
Omar Cecilio Angel
Elizabeth Angel Angel
Alicia Zepeda Angel
Sandra Filomena Angel
Raúl Eduardo Angel
Roberto Alfonso Angel
Rivera Angel
Patricio Ibacache Angel
Miguel Alexis Angel
Claudia Angel Angel
Adriana Elizabeth Angel
Pizarro Angel
René López Angel
Patricio Gómez Angel
Edgardo Donato Angel
Flora Ubaldina Angel
Bernardo Alfonso Angel
Gilberto Araya Angel
Adrián Geraldo Angel
Ricardo Miguel Angel
Leslie Marisol Angel
Lino Víctor Angel
Eduardo Campos Angel
Alicia Alvarado Angel
Navarrete Angel
Alberto Vega Angel
Alfonso Díaz Angel
Neira Angel
Leonel Urqueta Angel
Cecilia Peñailillo Angel
Ester Díaz Angel
Carlos Tapia Angel
Leticia Valeri Angel
Carolina Rojas Angel
Enrique Rojas Angel
Elena Plaza Angel
Manuel Alberto Angel
Luis Baltazar Angel
Julio Eduardo Angel
Barriga Angel
Rosa Amelia Angel
María Grecia Angel
María Galloso Angel
Luis José Angel