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The name Dandis has a web popularity of 325,000 pages.

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What means Dandis?
The meaning of Dandis is unknown.

Dandis has a Facebook presence of 20,500 pages.
Dandis has a Google+ Plus presence of 437 pages.
Dandis has a Linkedin presence of 403 pages.
Dandis has a Twitter presence of 9,360 pages.

The most popular images on the Internet for name Dandis:

Classmates.com has 5 occurrences for name Dandis.
White Pages has 741 occurrences for name Dandis.

What is the origin of name Dandis? Probably Moldova or Romania.

dandis.com domain is already registered.
dandis.net domain is already registered.
dandis.org domain is available.

Dandis spelled backwards is Sidnad
This name has 6 letters: 2 vowels (33.33%) and 4 consonants (66.67%).

Anagrams: Disdan Sdadin Sadind Idsand Nsaddi Nsiadd Didasn Sidnad
Misspells: Dsndis Dandys Dandi Dandisa Dnadis Dandsi Danids

Moustafa Dandis
Suha Dandis
Tariq Dandis Dandis
Abdo Dandis
Suleiman Dandis
Jehad Dandis
Sameh Dandis
Ashraf Dandis
Tatiana Dandis
Amani Dandis
Abdelaziz Dandis
Reem Dandis
Amer Dandis
Amir Dandis
Nicolae Dandis
Tariq Dandis
Husam Dandis
Osama Dandis
Noor Dandis
Dandis Dandis
Maysa Dandis
Imad Dandis
Thomas Dandis