Danescu - details and analysis   


The name Danescu has a web popularity of 469,000 pages.

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What means Danescu?
The meaning of Danescu is: dan plus the termination -escu

Danescu has a Facebook presence of 66,400 pages.
Danescu has a Google+ Plus presence of 681 pages.
Danescu has a Twitter presence of 6,060 pages.
White Pages has 2,360 occurrences for name Danescu.

What is the origin of name Danescu? Probably Romania or UK.

danescu.com domain is already registered.
danescu.net domain is already registered.
danescu.org domain is already registered.

Danescu spelled backwards is Ucsenad
This name has 7 letters: 3 vowels (42.86%) and 4 consonants (57.14%).

Anagrams: Udasenc Edsucna Neusacd Cadusne
Misspells: Dsnescu Danecu Danescua Dnaescu Danesuc Danecsu

Oana Danescu
Faust Danescu
Magdana Danescu
Devin Danescu
Marin Danescu
Dorin Danescu
Cristi Danescu
Alex Danescu
Ileana Danescu
Iulia Danescu
Adi Danescu
Aneta Danescu
Gene Danescu
Sorana Danescu
Melania Danescu
Mirela Danescu
Madalina Danescu
Ioana Danescu
Andreea Danescu
Marian Danescu
Paula Danescu
Anca Danescu
Michael Danescu
Lucian Marian Danescu
Andrei Danescu
Alina Danescu
Jana Danescu
Cristina Danescu
Camelia Danescu
Laur Danescu
Alexandra Danescu
Gabi Danescu
Andra Danescu
Corin Danescu
Tatiana Danescu
Irina Danescu
Florian Danescu
Silvia Danescu
Alice Danescu
Rodica Danescu
Sergilia Danescu
Cristian Danescu
Laura Danescu
Alexandru Andrei Danescu
Daniela Danescu
Dana Danescu
Anamaria Danescu
Remus Danescu
Adina Danescu
Radu Danescu
Dan Danescu
Ludovic Danescu
Petru Danescu
Sorin Danescu
Adrian Danescu
Laurentiu Danescu
Steliana Danescu
Florentina Danescu
Elena Danescu
Andrea Danescu
Mihai Danescu
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Magdi Danescu
Carmen Danescu
Manuela Danescu
Mariana Danescu
Delia Danescu
Alexandru Danescu