abdelrahman tallawi said about Tallawi : there are 2 meanings for tallawi: the fist one is a tall ,it is arabic word (it mean the small mountain ) and it is exist at (al tall village) nabluss palastine, and syria (tall tallawi village). the second meaning come from tillawa arabic word mean reciting the Couran (muslims holly book).

James Bonander said about Bonander : Bonander, Old norse, meaning "from Bonan" der means from and Bonan is an old village on the north side the the river Gravle estuary.

Raj Selvadurai said about Selvadurai : Selvam (wealth) durai (master)

sebabatso matsosa said about Sebabatso : SEBABATSO means something beautiful

Hozar Mohydeen said about Hozar : I'm kurd I live in kurdstan in Iarq ,I know the meaning because it's my name,Hozar it mean Nice sound

Hans volger said about Volger : Weet u de oorsprong van de familie naam volger en is er een stamboom ?

Alanah DeBoer said about Deboer : DeBoer means "the farmer"

tanishq rupainwar said about Rupainwar : rupainwar is a unique surname from my family and it originated from up india

Jörn tore weckhorst said about Weckhorst : Tidligere var der Veghorst.

Stephen Bazirake said about Bazirake : Bazirake is common amongst the Bakiga of South west Uganda . It means they (neighbors ) are envious of my possession

Punit said about Punit : Punit means holy dedicated or consecrated to God or a religious purpose; sacred પવિત્ર पवित्र

Maholobela Benediction said about Maholobela : most people who use this surname are found in the most northern part of Limpopo .specifically Tzaneen

Lcz said about Caria : Actually the surname Caria is a native of Catalunya, the word "Caria" in Catalan means "chair"

Ilse Verbinnen said about Verbinnen : Hello, I have looked up the name Verbinnen in the Belgian Library Archives and it means from within the urban area...


bonnie motsch said about Motsch : My father lawrence motsch is looking for more family

thiziri said about Karim : clair de lune ou encore moonlight en anglais

Roya Shahrokh said about Roya : Roya is an arabic name that means vision or beautiful dream

Dominique Beurdeley said about Beurdeley : Beurdeley coming from "Beurdauler" in french which means "shaking" or coming from "bourdouler" in french which means "Do the somersault".

Acquatella said about Acquatella : This is a Corsican name!A small island in the Mediterranean Sea.

Dirk Wuellner said about Wuellner : I am from Germany

Nad said about Thebuwana : Thebuwana is a name of a village located in the Kalutara district, Sri Lanka. Thebu is a name of a medicinal plant. Thebuwana in that sense could be an area abundant with the plant.

Ahmad samnan said about Samnan : I am from pakistan

Jerry Klauck said about Klauck : I've been told by friends in Germany, and anyone having knowledge of German language, that the "ck" ending is not otherwise used in spelling. A typical German spelling would be Klauk. Also, the "ck" ending on words is actually common in the Dutch language. It was suggested that some time back, a change, whether intentional or by mistake, could have been made from an original spelling and carried forward.

Dikabelo said about Dikabelo : mi name means Gifts

Rizvan said about Aiperi : Aiperi is a Turkic name, used among Turks throughout Central Asia, Siberia and Turkey. In Turkic languages, it means Moon Fairy (or Beautiful Fairy): Ai meaning moon and beautiful and Peri meaning fairy. Moon is worshiped among Turks symbolizing beauty and purity. Spelling can be Ayperi, Aypery, Aipery.

Pezhman Shirmardi said about Shirmardi : Shirmardi is a family name. it consists of 2 section, Shir and Mardi

Jonnie Rocker said about Rocker : Jonnie Rocker

Dario Fidora said about Fidora : The meaning of Fidora in Latin is "Fides Aurea", in English "Golden Faith".

Bochra said about Bochra : In arabic means happy surprise, good news

Towhedul Islam said about Bangladesh : My formal name is "MD TOWHEDUL ISLAM BHUIYAN" & My nick name is "TOWHED"

Attila kecskemethy said about Kalman : Hungarian name

Dantheshwar Rao said about Dantheshwar : It's name of goddess called dantheshwari mata whose temple is located in Dantewada of jagadalpur of chattisgarh

mwesigye Jimmy said about Muyango : it is a Rwandan name

Marek Gentile Niedzielski said about Niedzielski : Niedzielski comes from the word niedziela=Sunday; I don't know if this is valid also for other language but in my one (italian) it is easely tranlatable into a real italian surname: Domenici that comes from domenica=Sunday!

Muayad Kafesha said about Kafesha : Kafesha roots to Saladin https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saladin

Yegwa said about Yegwa : Meaning Green mamber

Alkhudairy said about Alkhudairy : It is a well known surname in Iraq. Alkhudairy is a name of a family with good roots and influence in the padt 200 years

Ib Frydendall said about Frydendall : Min bedstemor er foedt Anne Marie Frydendahl Hansen 24.5.1883, men skifter navnet til Frydendall da hun bliver gift28.10.1904.

Doug Soderstrom said about Soderstrom : Yes, I myself, Doug Soderstrom, am "The people's Poet.

Sumedha Talukdar said about Talukdar : Talukdar stands for Landlord

ALBERT LAO said about Lao : My grandfather is from Amoy China,migrated to Philippines in post 1900.

Regina piescik said about Piescik : Australia originally Poland

Zonneveld said about Zonneveld : Zonneveld is a vice president at an oil company. The definition is, "Sun Field"

Sabiene said about Sabiene : It means 'People'

Munther said about Munther : some Middle eastern country pronoun it Munzer

Belgacem hamdi said about Belgacem : Svp m'envoyez le code de confirmation

Baljinder Chahal said about Nimrat : Nimrat means humble.

Gaetano Vasta said about Gaetano : Name is from Sicily, Torre Archrafi

mallia said about Mallia : the name comes from crete from the Mineon age

Tor STENFELT said about Stenfelt : In Slesvig (Germany/earlier Danish area) there is a community named "Stenfelt".



Fasaye Gabriel said about Fasaye : The meaning of Fasaye is that, what oracle says is true. For more details contact me.

Shingai Bowora said about Bowora : Common mispell: Borowa

Dirk Verwoerd said about Verwoerd : the origin of name Verwoerd is the Netherlands!!

Noli Mababangloob said about Mababangloob : Mababangloob is a tagalog (Filipino) word. It combines two words: 'mababa' and 'loob'. Adding 'ng' to 'mababa', makes it an adjective describing the noun 'loob'. Literally, 'mababa' means low and 'loob' means inside. The use of the word 'loob' with 'mababa' changes the context and together, the word 'loob' more accurately means 'in the heart' or 'inner being'. When one has a lowly heart or down to earth disposition, that person is humble. 'Mababangloob' means: 'humble'.

vairavelu said about Vairavelu : Vairavelu means the diamond Trident The God Murugan in the south india having the Diamond Trident.God Murugan is the famous God in the tamil Nadu in Indai

Fatima Staali said about Staali : origine of Algeria

Dodon Warlendi said about Warlendi : A name given to me from parents. I am proud to have this name, and already more than half a century, the name "Warlendi" became my identity and I have not found other people named Warlendi. thanks.

renald said about Laliberte : age 60 from Hamilton Ontario canada

Femi Akande said about Akande : The name stands for a person that is strong and able to do anything ie a person with special abilities.

Bobiena Hannessen said about Bobiena : It was a name made up by my Grandmother . When pregnant with my Mother is hoped it was a boy she would call Bobbie. But when she found out it was a girl she played around with it a bit and called her Bobina. I changed it to make it Bobiena

elizabeth Magreta said about Chipofya : The Origin of the name Chipofya is Malawi, Africa.

Abel Chikanya said about Rukweza : Rukweza is Zviyo. Rapoko in English.

Natalie Eger said about Eger : My grandfather was named Laszlo Eger and my great-grandfather was named Laszlo Eger and my dad is named Christopher Laszlo Eger, a lot of Laszlo's in my family!

Muriel said about Muriel : It's of Celtic origin

Matas said about Matas : Matas means Gods gift

Jason Cheim Kordelos said about Chiem : It was my understanding that Cheim is a Jewish name meaning "LIFE" as in La Chiem

Betsy Rutz said about Rutz : I really don't know much about my family and would like to know how many extended members I have cuz as of now there are 9 people left in my bloodline that I know about

Mordecai benHerschel said about Mordecai : Mordecai stems from Marduk, the Persian god of war, but its meaning is not so simply translated to English. The M is the 13 letter in the English language and indicates the sound represented by the Hebrew character Mem. Mem is a 'mother' letter in the Hebrew alphabet (Aleph Bet) which gives it a singular position and meaning. In order to know what the name "Mordecai' means at depth it is necessary to know the meanings of the other letters in the Hebrew alphabet and their relationships with each other, {Resh, Daled, Coof, and Yod) too large an undertaking in this space. It's similar to a more challenging understanding of the symbol Yod He Vau He, which non-initiates take to pronounce Jehovah, which hides the Tetragramaton's true significance from the understanding of most people; Jews included.

Asghar Gunpal said about Gunpal : Gunpal means Strong nation.

anirudha said about Anirudha : Anirudha means Super Soul

Omenda said about Omenda : In Kenya Omenda is normaly used by the Luo community which means wealth,

Francis Manns said about Manns : Our people probably came from the Isle of Man in the Irish Sea.

yangzee phintso said about Phintso : phintso is the american way of saying and spelling phuntsok. The name phintso comes from a tibetan background

Antonio Verdiny said about Verdiny : The Last NAME VERDINY was originally spelled BERDIN. It came from Bizkaia and Guipuzcoa, Basque country Spain. When emmigration took place over 150 years ago, many with that last name gradually started spelling it with a V. This was the evolution with many Basque names changing B to V such as Bera to Vera, Bergara to Vergara. Many with the last name Verdin have settled in Louisiana and down into Mexico. They now either consider them sleves Mexican on Cajun. The word Berdin in euskera ( Basque) means even, flat or same. In Castiliian Verdin means light green or pond scum. When immigrating to the U.S. in the early 40's my father added to Y to the last name, making it sound Italian, but Basque names as well as Greek and Hungarian last names also end in I as well as Russian last names endiing in Y.

Brian Grebow said about Grebow : I think that Greb in Grebow is the Russian word for mushroom thus Grebow is a mushroom picker.

Anthony L Chritton said about Chritton : Just wondering,was thinking about a tatto

Christin Hjelvik said about Hjelvik : Hjelvik means the the bay and helmet. Helmet and Bay

Joshua Agusiobo said about Agusiobo : the name originated from Onitsha a community in Anambra state Nigeria.

Noel Estrada said about Bayardo : The Name Bayardo comes from the English BALLARD (a very common English name). in Spanish the LL and y is pronounce very similar. also in Spanish is customary to add a O to male and an A for female therefore BALLARD = Bayard + O = Bayardo

babajan bairakadar said about Bairakdar : I want to know historical background of Bairakadar,and every thing related to this bairakdars.

Alan Hiscutt said about Hiscutt : The earliest records of the name are in South West England - Wiltshire, North Devon and North Cornwall. It is probably a peasant corruption of Richard.

Vic Henderikx said about Henderikx : Meaning of Henderikx = son of Hendrik

Deljo Elvedin said about Deljo : Originaly Deljo is from Bosnia and Hercegovina and there living most people with Deljo surname.In Bosnia living probably 150 citizens with Deljo surname.

Abdon Maregesi said about Maregesi : Maregesi in vernacular Jita language from Musoma District, Mara Region in Tanzania simply means was born during MARRIAGE CELEBRATIONS.

tussi said about Roccuzzo : What is Rukozzo name meaning

Godfrey Gatheru said about Gatheru : Gatheru in Kikuyu language, means a small clean thing or person....a big clean thing or person can be called Githeru to describe it also. God is also said to be "Mutheru" as being complete clean or Pure of any evil or sin...


Mical Hutson said about Mical : I've been told that in certain transcriptions of the Holy Bible, Michal is sometimes spelled Mical, hence my name. Based on this Michael: MICHAL The Woman Who Tricked Her Father Scripture References—1 Samuel 14:49; 18:20-28; 19:11-17; 25:44; 2 Samuel 3:13, 14; 6:16-23; 21:8; 1 Chronicles 15:29 Name Meaning—This name is allied to the previous name, Michaiah, and also to Michael, and mean the same—“Who is like Jehovah?” Michal, along with its cognates, illustrates the comparatively small class of proper names composed of more than two words. It is a name describing an admiring acknowledgment of the transcendant unapproachable majesty of the divine nature. Family Connections—Michal was the younger daughter of Saul, Israel’s first king. Her mother was Ahinoam. She became David’s first wife, was given to Phalti the son of Laish, of Gallim for a-while, but was recovered by David. As the aunt of her sister Merab’s five sons, Michal cared for them after the somewhat premature death of her sister. Michal, although a princess, does not appear to have had a very commendable character. Desire for prestige, fervor of infatuation, indifference to holiness, and idolatry mark out this Jewess who knew the covenant God yet persevered in idolatrous practices. Closely associated with David, her career can be broken up thus—

VICTORY OYEMWIMINA said about Oyemwimina : Oyemwimina simply means in Edo 'just like a dream'

Andre said about Siminski : Name is from Poland or Ukraine, not France or Brazil

Gatheru Daniel said about Gatheru : the name gatheru in kenya is derived from a kikuyu word 'guthera' which means being clean. it means the clean one.

ilker ersin said about Ilker : The meaning of ilker is First-born child or first soldier.

Hans said about Theander : The name Theander is composed of two parts: Theos (god) and Andros (man), i.e. a man of god

Osana said about Osana : Origin: Samoa Meaning: Praise

Julisa Rowe said about Julisa : The origin of the name Julisa is from the Zulu language. It means "causing us to grow deeper."

Hope Svrcek said about Svrcek : Svrcek is the Slovak spelling; the Czech spelling is Cvrcek. It means "cricket" in both languages.

I4n said about Suada : Suada is arabic name and not serbian!

iwan said about Sugiarmawan : sugiarmawan means Sugih(rich) + Darmawan(donator)

Clermont Savinsky said about Bedrikovsky : I fund post-cart from my grand-father who corresponded with bedrikovsky family from UKRAINE, in the bebining of 20th century.

James straith said about Straith : A Straith is a small alpine lake in north eastern Scotland . It is a local term in the Aberdeenshire and Banffshire regions of Scotland.

jens jacobs said about Luchtmeijer : lucht is dutch for air. meijer is old-dutch for miller, operator of a windmill. mills can be driven by water or air. luchtmeijer is an operator of an air driven mill, not to be mixed up with an operator of a water driven mill

Jan Otto said about janotto : The "name" Janotto is usually composed of the names Jan and Otto, and usually written as Jan Otto.

Saranke Westerman said about Saranke : Saranke is a combination of Sara and Anke. The name of my Both grandmothers. This name is registered in 1977 for the first time in The Netherlands. I am probably the first Saranke in the west.

Linda Losquadro Brady said about Losquadro : Losquadro possibly means "the square"

Anne Quaglia said about Quaglia : Quaglia means Quail in Italian

musaalah said about Evgeniya : Evgeniya is able to travel anywhere for any project is not true. She wouldn't come to my country. I am a muslim so I want more than one wife. She could be first but she should be happy that I can take care of her. Shw wouldn't have to work again.

John said about Ejuba : This name is from bassosi in cameroon south west region.

Nesrine said about Nessrine : My name is nesrine and i'm proud of it

Bentrice Jusu said about Jusu : It's is of Liberian Orgin; Hebrew "the right hand of God"

Mugil mathi said about Mugil : Mugil mathi

Masheti said about Masheti : humble one

Fasuba Ilesanmi Kayode said about Fasuba : Fasuba is a Yoruba origin name s/w Nigeria,it originated from Ado-Ekiti Meaning oracle have confirmed it or oracle said so. Pronounciation Ifasubaa.

innocentia Makasindiswe Nozizw said about Montsho : Montsho means black. This is a clan name for Batswana ba ileng baKwena baMogopa. The Montsho family are descendants of King Kwena (crocodile)> the black crocodile (kwena entsho) and king Sechele saMotswasele

Ernest miner said about salvi : From Naples Italy

David Michael Brammer said about Brammer : Just adding name to list

Lendzemo Constantine Yuka said about Lendzemo : "Lendzemo" is a sentence personal name from Lamnso' (the language of the Nso' people of Bui Division in the North West Region of Cameroon. Lamnso' is also spoken in the Saduana Local Government Area in Taraba State, Nigeria. "lendzemo" literally means 'now is my turn', 'this is my time'. "len" means 'now', "dze" is the verb 'to be' (is), "mo" means 'me', 'I'. Put together, "Lendzemo" translates to "It is now my turn". Yuka (2007) in a paper titled "Sentence Names in Lamnso'" argues that contrary to the general perception that personal names in Nso' are lexical items, these names in reality are sentences. There is even reliable evidence that Nso' names aren't even just sentences; they are stories of experiences and expectations reduced into a single sentence and bestowed as a name which serves the family as a reminder of shared or expected values. In Africa, personal names are functionally more relevant than basic identity tags. And we can fully discuss all these. Lendzemo Constantine Yuka

Oladiran Obeisun said about Obeisun : The name of Obeisun is from Ijebu Ijesha, Osun State Nigeria. The name itself is even more than obeisun but Obeisun yalayala legan which means cutting of precious leaves as you want. This precious leave can not be cut by ordinary person but special person like our fore father. Anywhere you see the name in the world, it is just from a family in Ijebu Ijesha, osun state Nigeria.

Rei said about Tinambunan : Elwin Tinambunan Nama ini beda, saya cari dia hidup atau mati, karena perbuatan pengecut yang selalu mengganggu rumah tangga orang, Suruh lepas Marga Orang terhormat Tinambunan yang dipakainya, tidak dijakarta, ya dimedan atau dairi atau Fak fak, yang penting kepalanya pisah dari badannya, dan saya yakin itu Pasti!!!!!

Sumputh said about Sumputh : Sumputh means wealth in hindi.

razifa said about Razifa : am hiphop artist from kenya,i chose to call myself razifa coz it means 'dependant 'depending on how i combined the syllables

Ebrahim said about Rzx : The meaning of Rzx is Rashidizx

Avy Loftus said about Avy : Avy(Avi) could be a nickname of: Abraham/Avyanthy/Avyanti/Avyanto/Avianto/Avianti/Avian

Manasvi Lamror said about Lamror : Lamror means one who breaks iron ( loha)

raffaello frigo said about Frigo : The meaningof Frigo is not unknow . Fritz , Frederick , Federigo . Venetian origins ,Altopiano di Asiago . Italy , not Brazil

Glen Lile said about Lile : The gentleman with the white beard is Isac Lile son of my Great Great Great Grandfather John Lile

Janine Loprete said about Loprete : I was told it meant The Priest

Kari Witsø said about Witsø : Witsø is the name of a farm in Hemne, Norway. It means "the pastures west of the river Søa".