etamras said about Tamras : This name is used by the Assyrian christians throughout the middle east(Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey) another spelling is Tamraz, there is also Tamrazi, Tamrazof (Russia).

miroljub lazarovski said about Miroljub : sve ok, posleratno ime

James said about Scaldaferri : Hot iron is the meaning

CICERO EDUARDO PALLOTTA said about Pallotta : Antonio Pallotta and Gentilina Colcerasa Pallotta' sun was born in 27/Sept/1907, in Brasil.

hampig said about Hampig : Hampig is an Armenian name, means the rise of Jesus Christ

Tony Parengkuan said about Parengkuan : I found through Google the following link

Renato Pagnoncelli said about Pagnoncelli : Surely the origin is Italy, county of Bergamo (near Milan, Lombardia)

Kolade Igbasan said about Igbasan : Igbasan in Yoruba means "Time is good". It stems from the Ikale name "Igba ahan" which means "Time (when) we are fine/good". The letter "h" is an allophone of "s" in the Yoruba continuum, and that is why it is substituted in the Standard Yoruba pronunciation of the name as "Igbasan". The full saying behind the name in Ikale is "Igba ahan l'eni l'one" - The time when we are fine is when we have people. It is just a way to say "Success attracts many people to you"

Anas said about Shawa : Alshawa came from Arabic Language and it refers to the person who work in the field of preparing and selling grilled meat.

Sanjeev Tripurari said about Sanjeev : Sanjeev comes from Sanjeevani herb, which Hanuman had to fetch to save Lakshamana, in Ramayana Indian Mythology

Motsamai Kholumo said about Motsamai : Motsamai is Sesotho (sotho) or Setswana (tswana) name. When translated to English it is Walker.

Rudolf Guthier said about Schmersel : I know the word from the dialect in Viernheim close to Mannheim. It was used to talk about bread-spread, specifically jam.

Dennis said about Empuerto : Empuerto means a place where everything is in perfect harmony of nature

John said about Seifalian : Seifalian is Armenian name

Thomas tinnesen kalvatn said about Kalvatn : The name kalvatn is originaly from north-sweden

Angelo Coucke said about Coucke : Born in Belgium 1968 - Lives in the UK - Married - 1 child

Celso Pascoli Bottura said about Bottura : I am brazilian, a retired Full Professor of UNICAMP-State University of Campinas, in Campinas, State of São Paulo. From what I know, the name BOTTURA derives from BOnavenTTURA

Brenda Lee Jones Drawhorn said about Wilhite : Jackson Willhite 1815–1895 BIRTH MAY 27, 1815 • Campbell County, Tennessee DEATH FEB. 17, 1895 • Piney, Texas, Missouri, United States 3rd great-grandfather

Adriana said about Battilana : Battilana means to beat wool in the Italian language

Antoine Beaudry said about Antoine : Lives in St-Jacques de Montcalm, in Québec. 15 years old teenager.

Jack said about Daubian : Daubian est un nom de famille désignant l'originaire d'aubian , nom de lieu d'origine (aude) .

Edward Akiwumi said about Akiwumi : A Yoruba woman told me that "Akiwumi" means 'I desire wealth/strength/courage.' It is analyzed as: Akin -'wealth/strength/courage' ; Wun - 'desire' ; Mi- 'I'

Strapazzon said about Strapazzon : My mother was a Strapazzon in the United States (correct spelling) and I had great uncles with different spellings... Strapason, Strapasson, Strappazon and Strappasson. All changed as they immigrated to the united states in the early 1900's as immigration officers gave them their own spellings upon entry.

Noel said about Clodagh : The name derives from the river of the same name in County Waterford, Ireland. In Celtic mythology, a water sprite/fairy/nymph of that name was said to inhabit this river. Hence it is used as a girl's name. Though found all over Ireland,while not rare, it is not a particularly common first name.

Noel said about Ronan : The name derives from the Irish Gaelic name "Rón" meaning "seal". Thus the name Rónán means "little seal". It is used as a boy's first name. It is found all over Ireland, but even so, is not a very common first name,when compared to popular first names like Seán etc.

Noel said about Darragh : Darragh's comment is correct : the name derives from the Irish Gaelic word "dair" meaning 'Oak'. It can also be spelled "Dara" or "Daire". It is used as a first name for EITHER a boy or a girl.

Sultan Kamysbayev said about Kamysbayev : Kamys means "reed" in Kazakh Bay means "rich" or "feudal" in Kazakh Origin of the name: Kazakh

Meekaeel Siphambili said about Siphambili : Siphambili is my great grand father's name which we all use as our second name

Lavlesh Singh Thakur said about Lavlesh : How IT Is Proved That This Name Lavlesh Is Originated From United Arab Emirates?

Bridget said about Mauraide : Mauraide is old Irish.

Maureen said about Mauraide : Irish, Gaelic, for Maureen

Muzi said about Mawelela : They come from Mozambique. Offsprings of Mozambicans and Portuguese.

Archil Kereselidze said about Kereselidze : Kereselidze is NOT Russian nor Frances. It is Georgian (Sakartvelo) last name and it comes from Racha, Georgia. Please consider that Georgia has a ba history with Russia and it is very unpleasant to finf my last name indicated as Russian. Thank You, Best regards.

Dzenana Kukaj said about Marize : Dzenana Kukaj original name

Youkhana Danelzadeh said about Youkhana : Youkhana Mean is=John or Johan or Johennes or Ivan Youkhana is original Aramic name that is regestered in original Bible

Neville Jacobs said about Rinpoche : A Tibetan translator told me that Rinpoche is a contraction of Rinchen, =Jewel,plus Po, a suffix, "one who is," and "che," = precious. One who is a precious jewel. Most Tibetans know this. The b+w photo, second, bottom right, died a few years ago but was head of the Nyingma lineage of Mindroling monasteries. His daughter is active at Mindrling as a teacher and leader, a nun, also a recognized reincarnation, or "a Rinpoche."

Razia said about Rafshan : I want to know the meaning of Rafshan

Tural said about Ayka : Ayka is fameous azerbaijani name, but it's not the official name and its origin is Aygun. Ayka is shorten form for Aygun. 90% of Ayka named profiles on fb comes from Azerbaijan. its also most used name for fake profiles.

Young Su said about Tang : Tang is a sweet orange drink made from a powder mix.

ouiam said about Ouiam : mijn naam is ouiam ik kom uit nederland om precies te zijn amsterdam

purushottama said about Purushottama : useless to give backward spelling, give meaning and compound here, purusasya uttama , makes for 'o' sandhi. meaning given in thehagavadgita.

Dzenana Kukaj said about Dzenana : Dzenana Kukaj name collection

Celechi said about Iloduba : Iloduba means “you have many enemies” meaning many people are envious of you

Afshin toussipour said about Toussipour : Toussipour means people from touss and tous is name of very old city in Iran

Armand Struwig said about Struwig : Struwig is German

kazeem Shamsudeen said about Kazeem : Kazeem Shamsudeen Olawale is a very intelligent analyst who works as a Registrar in Ondo

Jan Taco te Gussinklo said about Gussinklo : A Dutch name from Aalten (NL). Meaning: open space in the Woods.

Dzenana Kukaj said about Dzenana : Dzenana Kukaj name original

Frank said about Sekhasimbe : This is my surname, and we are mainly based in Limpopo(Mokopane and Mashashane)

Moreblessing Nyoni said about Moreblessing : this name means that more blessings are to be received by the child and usually given to girls .

Zorodzai Munhumutema said about Munhumutema : The name means black man in shona orignal from Mutimutema which also means black person. The name orignated from one of our forefathers Mutimutema.

komninos zervos said about Zanthi : zanthi is a name derived from chrisanthi, my mother'a name, which means golden bloom in greek. i named my daughter zanthi zervos.

komninos zervos said about Zervos : zervos means left handed, it is a nick-name, the families original name was taglaris. it originated from the greek island of megisti(kastellorizon)

Peter Devotta said about Devotta : Devotta is one of the family name (surname)for the south Indian east coastal(Thoothukudi) fisherman families which was given by St. Francis Xavier during 16th century. Later it was spread to Srilanka. The name originally from Portuguese.

Dzenana Kukaj said about Dzenana : Dzenana Kukaj name

Maboho said about Maboho : Maboho means Bulls its a Vha venda surname

Niknafs said about Niknafs : Origin from Iran

Fetchko said about Fetchko : Wrong. The name's origin is Ukrainian.

Felix Oorthuis said about Oorthuis : Raul Oorthuis-Gomez Marina Oorthuis-Gomex

John Shipek said about Shipek : Grandfather legally changed his name. He thought it more American than the original Czech Sipek, pronounced SHE-PEC.

Magnulf Aurvåg said about Aurvåg : Aurvåg is a last name. It probably means a little " fiord " with red/rusty soil in the aroundings.

Katsinis said about Katsinis : Katsinis means goat hearder in Greek

Lisa Henderson said about Hirdes : I am descended from Machiel Hirdes who came to the usa from the Ntherlands in the 1800's. Hirdes is one of the rarest surnames in the usa.

Sudhir Otiv said about Otiv : Name Otiv originates from cast iron industry in Nasik

RÒBERT COOK said about Cook : I live in Burlington ont. I am 54 years old Born in Inverness Quebec

Leslie martin said about Zeidman : My mother maiden name was zeidman her father was born in Radom Poland he lived on a estate owned by a polish Nobel,the family had done so since the 14century The name zieidman according to my late grandfather the name zeidman meaning is silk man he emigrated to the U K at the turn of the century (1900)

AYOMIKU AYEGBUSI said about Ayegbusi : AYEGBUSI MEANS "THE WORLD GETS IT REPLY" asin: "you reap what you sow"

Aliziwe said about Aliziwe : Aliziwe means a gift/blessing from God.

Matvey Sineev said about Sineev : Two Families in the US

Kgaogano said about Tembwe : Tembwe is a Yei old name meaning Rainbow 🌈. The Yei people immigrated from Zambezi Floodplains in Zambia through Namibia into Botswana ‘s Okavango Delta. Name Tembwe is found among Lozi, Basubeya and Yei

Reese Ketchaev said about Damilola : Morrow to england to england

Arthur Wurdack said about Jackson : Warmer weather in kc fair and mild

Dzenana Kukaj said about Kukaj : Dzenana name Kukaj

anika said about Chikulu : hey Chikulu means thanks

Tina Manos said about Maoutsos : Looking for information on the name Maoutsos, my husband's grandfather came over from Athens, Evangelos Stavros Maoutsos, b 1899

Dzenana kukaj said about Kukaj : Dzenana Kukaj name

Naftali Ndugire said about Ndugire : the origin of the name is Kenya and NOT United Kingdom

Isaac Olusola Asunloye said about Asunloye : From my own lineage with the name ASUNLOYE, is a dignified name, when a brave child sleeps on royalty endowed for him, and is envious of others, you need to be brave before you can challenge him on such royalty bestowed on him/her

J Nordbø said about Nordbø : Nordbø can be divided into Nord = North and bø = cultivated farmland, hence meaning the cultivated land to the north (within a geographical area)

Nedhal Alnusairi said about Alnusairi : This Name is a famous family in Yemen , from Dhamar governorate it is also name for other families related to the same grand's in other Yemeni governorates like Ibb, Taiz, Mareb, Hajjah, Mahwait , and Amran.

Nathan Marchil Denman said about Denman : Born Ingham, Qld Australia 26/06/1949

dirk akkerhuis said about Akkerhuis : am the father of Marsha Akkerhuis i grew up in the Netherlands with My oldest brother Gerard Akkerhuis who was a well known classical musician. He died in the Netherlands in 1994. An other older brother is a retired Phys ED teacher, who is also well known as a top league volleybal coach. A younger sister lives quietly with her physician husband in Eindhoven in the Netherland; both retired.

joshua seidel said about Seidel : I have always been told seidel is middle high German. ancestors used von seidel prior to immigrating to usa

Ximena Guavita said about Guavita : The origin of the surname Guavita is from a small village in Colombia called Chipaque

Sushvi Narain Pandey said about Sushvi : Sushvi means Success and Prosperity. It's ancient vedic Hindu name.

Peter Kruijff said about Kruijff : Kruijff means in old Dutch wave. Kruijffende golven waving, wash of the waves.

meluta said about Meluta : Stela became Steluta Carmen became Carmeluta Emilia became Emiluta ah, one deteil: Braula is /was a cosmopolite town, many Italians women called CAMELIA ... CAmeluta of was my father's favorite in the same mode Camelia became CAMELUTA but Ca in rumanian language is «same» so MELUTA = «CA»MELUTA CAMELIA, this is the nucleo of my nam anothers cases( pearheps 99%) is« melu »from miel=cordero

meluta said about Meluta : Stela became Steluta Carmen became Carmeluta Emilia be came Emiluta in the same mode Camelia became CAMELUTA but Ca in rumanian language is «same» so MELUTA = «CA»MELUTA CAMELIA, this is the nucleo of my nam anothers cases( pearheps 99%) is« melu »from miel=cordero

Dallas Takitimu said about Takitimu : Takitimu means “Company of cheifs” in Maori.

Kelley Noiseux said about Noiseux : The name means nut... Kenneth E.Noiseux and Timothy Noiseux...we are related to Peter Frenchette from Hollywood And Donald and Kiefer Sutherland. stage names of course. Krystal, Jill, April Noiseux also. Sibblings

sanusha sojan said about Sanusha : innocent is the meaning to mine and other people with names of "Sanusha"

Christophe Malsang said about Malsang : The name literally means "bad Blood" (french). However, couple centuries ago the people close to the king was the people with good blood. With the French revolution the good blood became the bad blood...

JAVIER ZALDIVAR said about Zaldivar : ZALDIVAR es un apellido que procede del Pais Vasco español, concretamente del pueblo de Zaldibar, municipio perteneciente a la provincia de Vizcaya. Se puede traducir al español como "Vega o vaguada de caballos"

Roslyn Webber said about Garcia : I would think that Garcia is just about as common in Mexico as it is in America.

Roslyn Webber said about Roslyn : Roslyn Also means beautiful rose. Rosa = rose Lynn = beautiful

satyo andhiko said about Satyo : in javanese language, satyo/setyo/setya means loyal.

Dzenana Kukaj said about Kukaj : Dzenana name

Niki Kyrarini said about Kyrarini : Kyrarini means Mrs Irene

Thilo Utermark said about Utermark : Knowledge by my grand grand father: The word has old old German roots. It is divided into three parts (old-german) "ut" "de" "mark" which means "out-of-the-mark", that become over the years shortend to "Utermark" or "Ukermark" which is a landscape North of Berlin. Kind regards

Murwanashyaka David said about Murwanashyaka : The origin of this name is Rwanda

Khomkrit said about Khomkrit : Khomkrit means sharp sword

Domingo CAlvente Calvente said about Calvente : The Origin of Calvente is in Spain, exaclty in the area of the Old Kingdom of Aragon, in the middle age. In the begining it was Calvet which generates later two new forms : Calvente and Calvete. The meaning of Calvet is "bald man of short stature", as the spanish word for Bald is Calvo

Philippe Muriset said about Muriset : The origin of name Muriset is Le Landeron Switzerland (CH)

Jethro Hollingworth said about Hollingworth : Please update information, the origins of the name are not unknown. See my previous comment.

Jethro Hollingworth said about Hollingworth : Hollingworth comes from Old English it means a Holly(As in Holly Tree)a garden or an enclosure: -holegn (Old English) Holly -worð (Old English) An enclosure.

Dzenana Kukaj said about Kukaj : Name Dzenana comes original from Bosnian

Nitza Bazak said about Nitza : From Las Vegas Nevada

Dzenana Kukaj said about Kukaj : Last name where comes from ilirians

Ejiga Gideon said about Ejiga : The name Ejiga literally means a leader.

sai vuyyuru said about Vuyyuru : Vuyyuru is a town name in Krishna District.

Daniel mkwaya said about Okoth : okoth according to Luo cultural names mean someone born during rainy seasons or when it's raining.

Finaldo Moechtar said about Moechtar : In Arabic, MOECHTAR means : The Selected One.. ( Please do further searching..)


Olafur Bjornsson said about Bjornsson : I agree with Magnus, think the name came to be just like in my case, by having a father named Bjorn, a common nordic name, before most countries started to use family names they used their fathers first name +son, in Iceland this is still done today. When you move to a country that does not do this you still keep the name but follow the new rules, thats how it spread out from nordic countries, I think.

ROUABAH Zahir said about Rouabah : Bonjour, Je suis Prof ROUABAH Zahir de l'Algerie, et je souhaite savoir des details sur le nom ROUABAH, Cordialement


ike mthetho Mvandaba said about Mehlo : This originates from the Bantu name for eyes.Singular: (i)liso/(i)mehlo Plural:(a)mehlo (the)eye:(i)liso (many)eyes:(a)mehlo

theodore kazanis said about Sevastopol : Sevastopol (Σεβαστουπολης) is a Greek word meaning "City of Respect"

Shelli Kwiat said about Kwiat : Kwiat in Polish means Flower.

Bjørn Eidsvig said about Eidsvig : It is a location name, originating from 2 different places in Western Norway. Vig or vik is a bay, an not so deep arm of the sea innto the countryside. When the vig is located at an eid (a lowland between mountains) it may be called Eidsvik or Eidsvig

George Lerchs said about Lerchs : Lerche, the base word for Lerchs, the name, is the name of a bird. Lark in English or Alouette in French.

Dzenana Kukaj said about Kukaj : Very long name Bosnian

Hofstra said about Hofstra : The ending -stra all dutch names ending with stra means owner. so Hofstra means owner of a Hof which means Farm or Vingard

Tokaryk said about Tokaryk : It means "Little Turner" (i.e. someone who works a lathe) in Ukrainian.

Dzenana Kukaj said about Kukaj : Kukaj it’s ilirian name comes original from Albania

Dzenana Kukaj said about Dzenana : Dzenana it’s a Bosnian Name

Theun said about Viskil : The name Viskil is a Dutch name. 'kil' means waterstream and 'vis' fish. So a water stream with fish in it.

Dzenana Kukaj said about Kukaj : About 180 houses of this last name Kuka Kukaj kukič

Dzenana Kukaj said about Dzenana : Kukaj name it’s very interesting where that last name comes from

Arek Yapoudjian said about Yapoudjian : In Western Armenian: Եափուճեան In Easterն Armenian: Յափուջյան