Mourad arbadj said about Arbadji : Bonjour a tout la famill arbadji je suis Algerian je chercher

Emmanuel Igah said about Igah : IGAH in Idoma language of Benue State, Nigeria, in West Africa, means "the fence that protects"

Thishika said about Thrishika : Gift of god

Kouters said about Kouters : Dutch info : Kouters is een oud Netherlands woord , betekenis Kletser , Kouters = zoon van een kletser , dit woord is afkomstig uit de middeleeuwen , ongeveer 500 jaar oud .Het staat in een zeer oud goed Nederlands woordenboek .

raaiqah said about Raaiqah : Raa-iqah is a beautiful name its soft, bubbly,arabic,clean,ens

Jesus Dapena said about Bulpe : Bulpe is a Spanish corruption of the Italian surname Volpe, which means "fox".

Phindile Banjatwa said about Banjatwa : Xhosa Surname concides with the clan of Amanadungwan oBhejula oQwesha, the Banjatwa name comes from South Africa in the rural areas of Ncgobo Eastern Cape.

Holly said about Holly : Holly means everlasting.

Kenneth Lasoen said about Lasoen : According to our family tree, which goes back in Flanders to 1472, the name Lasoen is derived from Lison or Lyson, which is a pet name for Elisabeth. That is also why there are other family branches with different spelling: Lazoen, Lysoen, Lisoen. Etymologically, the name could also be the Flemish version of the name 'Lawson'

Samia Smahi said about Smahi :

Ahlskog said about Ahlskog : Meaning (translation to English): Al or Ahl = alder Skog = forest ALDER FOREST

Samia Smahi said about Smahi : The name Smahi comes from our ancestor "Abou Samaha" who is the descendant de the 2nd "khalif" of the Prophet of Islam Mohamed (saw) Smahi comes from arabic word " El samaha" which means tolerance with others, a good soul person, full of kindness and generosity.

joseph ogeto said about Barongo : the name barongo is from kisii tribe in kenya. It means "twin"

Saningo Nkorruma said about Saningo : Saningo is a Maasai name(a community/tribe in Kenya, Africa). It means Ruler, king or popular. In English it git a similar meaning with the name Eric. It also means a legend from the first bearer of the name Saningo. It's believed that someone with the name do posses leadership qualities

Umang Vishwakarma said about Umang : Umang means Happiness

Jenn said about Gadain : Gadain is an ancient name meaning Guardian or protector. I think it's norse in origin

Thirukkannan said about Thirukkannan : thirukkannan is a one of the god name called thirukkaludayar , that god temple there in kovilangulam near kamuthi ramanathapuram dist.

Omowoma elijah wilson said about Omowoma : Omowoma means gud son in delta state

Neel Dichow said about Neel : Neel Dichow

Leruo Mabena said about Mabena : There are also many mabena in Botswana

Gabriel said about Iorember : it means people rejoice

ikenna said about Ewuzie : ewuzie is made of two Igbo words: ewu, which means build, and zie, which means right, correct or accurate. So ewuzie literally means 'build right'. It can also mean to rebuild.

nafis said about Kheirandish : it means ''benevolent'' and is a last name in iran

Vasiliki said about Polychronidis : The name Polychronidis is a Greek second name and the meaning is the one who lives many years!

Braven Burleson said about Braven : Born in Elkhart IN 1985. Currently lives in Winston Salem NC

Nurdun said about Nurdun : Nurdun is Uyghur name. "Nur" = sunlight or light, "dun" = from or of Nurdun = "from sunlight" or "of sunlight"

Pawan said about Sreekant : Sreekant Sreekumar

Lebrankc said about Lebranck : Lebrankc is also a name

Jeri Feaster said about Feaster : My branch of the Feaster family in the USA came from the Pfister family who emmigrated from Switzerland and changed the spelling of the name.

yenny martin said about Yenny : yenny martin

celia kourie said about Kourie : As far as I know, Kourie in Arabic refers to 'priest'

John Erland Lillegård said about Lillegård : Directly translated : small farm. Lot's of norwegian names comes from places where our forfathers came from.

Bashkim LUSHAJ said about Bashkim : My name is Albanian name, and 100 % I am Albanian, Full Professor, work as a Research Director, at Department of Water Economy & Renewable Energies, the Institute of Geoscience, Energy, Water and Environment & at the same time as a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Environmental Engineering, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Polytechnic University of Tirana, Albania. I work within country and abroad on subjects such as: EIA, SEA, Hydrology, Renewable Energies, Climate Change, Monitoring, Auditing, Ecotourism, Concessions/PPP etc.

Ezra Karuoya said about Karuoya : The name Karuoya has it's origin from Kenya specifically from Kikuyu ethnic community. Karuoya means "a feather". Most of the families bearing the name Karuoya are from Murang'a - a county in Central Kenya. Prominent people like Professor Karuoya of Nairobi university is an example. Another professor may also emerge from the same family since that guy called Ezra Karuoya Maina, the former Mount Kenya University student who was also the general secretary of the student council is doing quite excellent in scaling the heights of education. It is not clear why the community adopted the name. Although it is believed that people who are called Karuoya are hardworking and intelligent people. They may not necessarily excel so well in academics but they always excel very well in life. They are also good investors.

Paul Maseke said about Maseke : In Congo Kinshasa and Congo Brazzaville, maseke means horns (cornes in french).

Utavha Zitha said about Zitha : Zitha Means the King or Chief.

Matsimele Lekgothoane said about Lekgothoane : I will write the history of this surname, is just that I don't have enough data. In short - Lekgothoane & Lebese are nicknames of two brothers. They are sons oof RIKHOTSO. They are from TSONGA TRIBE.

Ricardo said about Jaburu : In Brazil, Jaburu is a bird with white body, black head and red neck that lives in lakes; Its a surname; name of governmental palace and also means ugly people.

Ricardo said about Mocreia : Here in Brazil, mocreia (Mocréia) means ugly woman, seriously. Its not a surname.

Garik Paremuzyan said about Paremuzyan : Odzun Armenian

Alao Olutosin said about Olutosin : Olutosin is derived from two words in Yoruba language, Oluwa shortened as Olu and Tosin. Oluwa means God so also Olu, while Tosin means big enough to worship or serve. Together Olutosin means God is enough to be served or Hod is enough to be worshiped

Harry said about Lasonder : They say the that Lasonder means without Land. sonder = without & La nd= land

Ana Adalja said about Adalja : The word originates in Gujarat, India. Adalaj is a small village near Ahmedabad, famous for the Adalaj stepwell. The name Adalja means "from Adalaj" and has been the last name for a group of elite Gujarati families. It must have spread to other countries due to immigration.

Lamberthina Noya said about Noya : I'm a daughter of Mr. Zacheus Noya and Mrs. Sophia Taihuttu

talebpour said about Talebpour : taleb= wanting something pour= boy (ancient persian) talebpour means a person who loves to have a baby boy...

Herbert Wolfarth said about Wolfarth : The name means "akin to a wolf",

Elipendo said about Elipendo : This name origin is from Singida Nyiramva tribe Tanzania which means God is love

marjan said about Muamaraldin : email from Muamaraldinc Mhanna

Juddy Mandak said about Mandak : Mandak is a Family Name in Indonesia, north sulawesi at north islands call Sangir Island which has a city - Tahuna. So Mandak people of this country generally have a dark skin colour and have a curl hair it is a normal lookslike of the people who live in a tropic island. By research of my friend Jason Lobel, described that by Tracking of Language Root ...coonected perhaps with Etimology, the spreaded people in asia including Indonesia...came from Middle Asia...Mongolia.

Gabor Perger said about Perger : I'm from Hungary live at present in Canada

Sidney Koloc said about Koloc : The most common misspelling of the name Koloc is for it to be spelled as Kolac

Adefowora Yomi said about Adefowora : This is a name that has a meaning in yorubaland, it means crown with wealth

Kudzai Mutanhaurwa said about Mutanhaurwa : The name 'Mutanhaurwa' means "slayer of men", literally "he who harvests men's guts", " harvester of guts/intestines/viscera" or "the disembowellor". It was an appellation given to ancient warriors of the Mutasa clan in Manicaland who proved their mettle in battle by disemboweling their enemies.

Zakaria Virk said about Zakaria : Zakaria Virk is a Canadian author and historian of science

Dieter Joachim Duske said about Duske : I'm from Bottrop Germany. My father is from Stolp (Pommern), his name ist Joachim Hans Franz Duske. My grandfathers name is Kurt Duske

Abedce Lordy Yogananda said about Abedce : Abedce is meaning of the alphabetical or the first, always the first.

pohel kosma said about Pohle : what is meaning of pohel

Gazmend said about Gazmend : It's Albanian origin

Eguonor said about Akpomudjere : The name Akpomudjere means Rehoboth, Rest, Settled, Steadily Stable, no more Struggle or strife

Nansat said about Nansat : It literally means 'God says' in Mwaghavul language which is found in plateau state. Nan means God while sat means says.

Irja Orav said about Orav : Orav means squirrel.

Hiteshwari Patel said about Hiteshwari : It means the "Heart of Goddess". Most precisely, the epitome of a golden heart for sacrificing their own happiness for others happiness.

Brani Vidakovic said about Brani : Brani is short of Branislav or Branimir (male) , or Branislava and Branimirka (female)slavic names. The part Brani' means "protect, save".

Abdelnour Yazbeck said about Yazbeck : Yaz Beck Beck bey pacha ...... Middle east name : Lebanon Syria and palestine Origine from ottoman empire

Esther Nelly Mmatebogo Seanego said about Seanego : The Seanego name originates in the Northern part of South Africa. The name can be translated to 'Provebs'.

Bilal dandachi said about Dandachi : Dandachi family is a very popular family in Lebanon Sidon , Tripoli and akkar north of Lebanon. Still the majority of this family live in Syria in Talkalakh. Family origin is Shummar tribe.

Karin Annell said about Annell : The name is made up fram the latin word "annus"(=year) and Olofs son Johan,(1681- 1736, took it. He was a priest at Börstil stckholm county and was married to Maria Wendalia 1715(she died 1769.

Hans K Hildebrand said about Glass : In the UK the first Wise shows up in 14th century tax records. The origin is originally from islands off the west coast of Scotland.About 10 percent of people with this name are Jewish for whatever reason.My grandmother was a Glass with ancestry from Wales. The name is from glassmakers in Scotland. Another spelling is Glace.

Hans K Hildebrand said about Hildebrand : The Norse spelling is Hilibrandr.

Hans K Hildebrand said about Hildebrand : Hildebrand originated in Prussia not the UK.The German epic of Siegfried mentions Hildebrand as a knight and bodyguard!

Thomas Pearman said about Pearman : The name Pearman means Organ grinder/player in polish, however I have worked with polish people and they say they have never heard of it, but I myself have seen this in a 2nd world war movie credits 'Pearman-Organ Grinder'. The polish people I spoke to said their language today is relatively new and some words have changed or are no longer used since the end of the 2nd world war. Is this the Mandela effect?

ulla hemmi said about Hemmi : In addition 6 others on the list are my relatives and are living in Finland. I also find 10 others with Finnish names...

Rudi van Schadewijk said about Schadewijk : Schadewijk is a little village in the provincie Noord-Brabant in The Netherlands.

Tiyani said about Njunju : This name means be strong

Gunish said about Gunish : Gun- in Sanskrit means greatness or good. Ish - stands for Lord. So the meaning of Gunish is lord of good or greatness, this is a deviation from the ancient elephant God Ganesh. Which most people when pronouncing the name will confuse Gunish with.

Efthimios said about Georgakakos : Georgios = George name of the first of the family in Greece

Relebohile said about Relebohile : It means thank you, from two or more people.

Karen Lendich said about Lendic : Originated in Yugoslavia ( predominantly Croatia) Ending pronounced " ich "

Len Neale said about Zvereva : Lidia Zvereva was married to Vladimir Slusarenko in Russia. Later Vladimir emigrated to Australia and is buried in the Mt. Gravatt cemetery in Brisband Australia

Danilo said about Tardino : Mi chiamo danilo tardino

Paddy ODowd said about Atias : The name Atias is a reflection of the Buddha of Compassion & in this case is reflected in female sense, one lady in particular

Yleana said about Yleana : The name Yleana in Spanish is Yleana (e-LAY-au-na) and the english version is Yleana (ill-LEE-au-na). They are spelled the same for both languages.

Lebohang mokoena said about Mokoena : Hi ke mosotho kenna mokoena wa dikwena tsa kweneng

Henry Riekert said about Riekert : I was told by a relative in Germany that Riekert means "rich in forests."

hira said about Hira : my name is hira rehan i live in the oval office in washington dc. Peace nerds donald trump is baeee


Zakaria Eissa said about Eissa : Jesus in Arabic means Eissa.

Suneel Puranik said about Puranik : All the Brahmins who recited Puranas in the Temples in India are called Puranik. There are 18 Puranas and these are a part of Hindu religion and mythology

mikey straczuk said about Straczuk : my last name originated in poland!

Giovanni Giannettino said about Giannettino : Il Cognome Giannettino deriva dal Cardinale Giovanni Doria vissuto Palermo ed originario di Genova, detto Giannettino nel 1600. Nella Zona di Genova il cognome è anche un nome. Alcuni antichi Doria si chiamavano Giannettino.

Dero said about Damacline : IS A PORPULR GIRL NAME

Kusse Gelebo said about Kusse : The Origin of the name Kusse was from Konso people in Ethiopia which is a general common name which is given for any boy in in the family member except the first son in the family. It has general meaning of fellow of the first. Fortunately if you are a strange and don't know the names of the children you can use as a general name to call them except the first son. In the peoples of Konso more than 60% are named as Kusse and almost all families who have number of sons greater than 3 have named one of the fellow sons as Kusse. It has the same meaning with Kussia, Kussito, for fellow sons and also for fellow daughters as Koye and Koyite with in the family.

Orobola said about Orobola : It Means Treasure Meets Wealth

Abdullah Musa Muhammad Yahuzak said about Yahuza : Yahuza is an arab name fully called muhammad yahuza and is the name of prophet ibrahim eldest son

lisa hilten said about Chechebeykin : this name has a beautiful after taste full of joy and beautiful fun stuff

Purvik Jain said about Purvik : Meaning of Name Purvik is The One who came from East. Purv is call East in Hindi and Ek is One.

Nick Musco said about Musco : The name "Musco " is Italian

Glen said about Siriporn : I was told by a man from Thailand that Siriporn means "beautiful skin."

Satya Prasad Popuri said about Popuri : Popuri is a Sanskrit derived name which became Phonedfranco. 'Po' means away, while 'puri' means town in Sanskrit. Among the French it means rotten pot.

Ayibaemi Ayibaifie Igonifagha said about Ayibaemi : Ayibaemi is a name in two parts Ayiba + Emi Ayiba means God Emi means here Put together it means "God is here" or "God is with us" The name originates from the "Ijaw" tribe of south Nigeria

Chimere Hunt said about Chimere : Chimere has a beautiful meaning and the true meaning is "God has done something"

Ronald Zweedijk said about Zweedijk : I'm sure this name has the origin in Netherlands in the province of Zeeland. From there a group moved to Argentina, ther are many with this name. But the most still in Netherlands. We think that long ago the name was Zeedijk, that means in Dutch dike along the seashore.

James Tai said about Tai : Tai means an Eagle in Swahili language.

XOLANI said about Sumbana : please can someone help me find the phrase of the surname 'SUMBABA '

NOA said about Oryan : Oryan originates from an Aramaic word meaning the love of knowledge

Metheral said about Metheral : Latherme is the only actual anagram for Metheral

rudy freiwirth said about Freiwirth : Free host, giving food and shelter for no reward.

Nicholas LaBelle said about Efimov : Efimov is a Latinized version of Ефимов. More commonly latinized Yefimov. It means Descendent of Yefim.

Melissa said about Elco : Also spelled Elko. My husband is Elco Larrea

Melissa said about Elco : Also spelled Elko

De Wet said about Herselman : Johan Carel Wilhelm Hörschelmann was born in March 1759 in Eisenach, Germany. He was baptised in the Evangelical Lutheranian Church, Eisenach on 29 March 1760. He enrolled as a soldier to the Dutch East India Company on 1 June 1784, where under Dutch spelling and illiteracy it became Herselman. He sailed to South Africa on the Dutch ship, 'Batavier' from Texel, Harbour, the Nertherlands and arrived in Cape Town (Cape of Good Hope) on 21 September 1784. He served as a soldier until 1791 when he received his 'Burgherrechte' or civil rights. He first farmed in the Swellendam area after which he moved to the Walletjies area near Joubertina in the Langkloof

iemand said about Mbaga : the name is Swahili, the meaning known

Laura Waughman said about Waughman : england - potential german ancestors

chris said about Sharida : nederlands

Losalina said about Losalina : The name translated means 'Rosalind'. Losa meaning 'Rose' and 'Lina' sourcing from 'Linda.' I was named after my two great aunts whose name was 'Fu'a Losa' meaning 'Rose' in my language which is Samoan and 'Linda' but we called her 'Aunty Lin'a' who had an American name? I guess my Mother just put their two names together because she thought it sounded beautiful. Also, the fact that they were my Grandmother's oldest sister and youngest sister.

Denny Kowsoleea said about Kowsoleea : proud to be one of Kowsoleea family

noeli cardoso soares said about Noeli : quero encontrar a mãe do meu avô pois a muito tempo atras ela o abandonou

Ify said about Nkoli : Nkoli means Testimony, Testament, Storytelling, Life story

Roel Hempenius said about Hempenius : The name Hempenius comes from Friesland (northern province in The Netherlands The name was established in a village called Hempens near Leeuwarden.

Phumlani Mathebula said about Mathebula : the list below shows that we are a nation why not gether ourselves one day for a big celebration

Rafat said about Mtoor : Navn på en femilie gruppe

Tiia said about Tiia : Tiia means gift from god

Mark Barber said about Barber : Most common mispell is Barbour

Avishek Patodia said about Patodia : Avishek Patodia

Kamran said about Valimammadli : Zaur Valimammadli is wellknown public figure in Azerbaijan. He is a lawyer and works in the field of human rights. At the same time he is a wellknown artist. Many his art works are in private collections.

grace said about Fisicaro : Fisicaro is a Italian name.

Sofia Iordansky said about Iordansky : in russian the name 'Iordansky' literally translates to 'from Jordan' and is often of religious origin, that is, adapted by priests etc before being inaugurated other misspells include 'Lordansky' as VERY SMART people assume i write my last name with a regular letter instead of a capital one in official documents.

Frank Yamout said about Yamout : Yamout family's origin is the part of Muslim Spain (Al-Andalus). The Clan moved to Lebanon around the 1300 AD, they got their name as they made an Oath to protect the city of Beirut from Pirates in the mediteranian, even if they have to die doing so. Yamout in Arabic means "dying". This is why the Clan was branded as the "dying" who will die to protect Beirut.

Bjørn Rydland said about Rydland : Rydland is an old Norse name from: Rydr: Widow and: land, i.e: widow with land.

Catucci said about Catucci : My last name is Catucci and I don't know who any of the people in these pictures are.