Carl Schafer OFM said about Ofm : OFM, also written as Ofm or ofm, is the acronym of Order of Friars Minor, which is the Order of Franciscan Friars. This is the English translation of the Latin title: Ordo Fratrum Minorum, which can be translated literally as The Order of Lesser Brothers.

Friedel Nehrkorn said about Nehrkorn : Nehrung is a german word, means bay bar Nehrkorn is maybe origin from a farmer plant corn on a bay bar

lenessa said about Lenessa : lenessa is a type of diamond used back then in greek for money.

Joel said about Dara : Dara is Persian (Farsi). Related to the name of he ancient Persian emperor, Darius (pronounced "Darush" in Farsi)

Joel said about Minbashian : Utter nonsense. The ending -ian is Armenian. "Bash" is Arabic from Bashir = bringer of good news. Minbashians are usually Persians (Iranians) of either Armenian or Azerbaijani origin. The Minbashians were a powerful family in the time of the last Shah, one was cheif of land forces, another was (I believe) public works minister.

Rob said about Cernovec : Root word means Black and name may translate as Blackmore

TAJELAWI ADENIYI SAMSON said about Tajelawi : Tajelawi means 'let talk about wealth' The name originate from Imota Town. OMOTAJENIKIAWI, One of the son of OYEMADE.

albert ekamp said about Ekamp : ekamp is a little village in the North of the Netherlands. It is a suburb of Finsterwolde.

Angie Dalaleli said about Dalalelis : Origins in Greece. Village Microcampos of Kilkis of Greece.There are about only 50 to 100 with that last name.

Brian Taylor said about Poyode : This is from Trinidad and Tobogo

Diptadip Roy Barman said about Diptadip : This means the"success never ends in his life

Wanderley said about Wanderley : Pelo que me disseram a palavra WANDERLEY, nome próprio, é de origem holandesa. É o pouco e tudo que sei...

Michael Meissner said about Kochaimidou : The father of the two girls below told me, that it means The leader of a group of horseriders and occured in the former Greek/Ponti community at the Black Sea shores

Susan Plewright said about Plewright : Originated English/Scottish border. Scottish pronunciation and spelling of Plowright

Cecilia Busbib Solomon said about Bousbib : The name BOUSBIB comes from Morocco, a long line of 4 brothers one of whom was the grandfather of Ari and others, with my father being one of these 4 brothers. The name could be spelled as BOUSBIB or in my case BUSBIB. We are spread in many countries, to include the US, France, Canada, Netherlands and perhaps others.. The name indicates that in our ancestry, someone may have been in the trade of raisins (Zbiba means raisin in arabic). Ancestry is from Spain and the north african trade routes. Ari's father was my first cousin. Hope this helps clarify this uncertainty about origins..CECILIA BOUSBIB DAUGHTER OF JACOB BOUSBIB CURRENTLY LIVING IN WEST PALM BEACH FLORID

Labreno Masalta said about Labreno : Greetings, 64 years young and still have no idea origin of this name. My dad is Malaysian, mom is Sicilian

Laissue said about Laissue : It men's; Winner

Gintautas said about Gintautas : It's a Lithuanian name.


Betty Kituyi said about Kituyi : In the Gishu culture, the name Kituyi was given to a much anticipated girl child. A Girl child born after so much waiting for a girl. But very few people know that.

Einar Høgseth said about Høgseth : Høgseth/Høgset: Høg(norse) = high Set(norse) = residence In other words: A residence lying on a hill, for example

Roger said about Cordukes : Cordukes comes from Normanby (1066), Cordeaux meaning "hangman".

Taw said about Elshelmani : El-Shelman are a small family mostly living in the cities of El-Marj and Benghazi of Libya. They helped contribute in the 2011 reveloutuon against former leader Mu'ammar Gaddafi

X X X said about Elshelmani : A middle-sized family in Eastern Libya; descendants of a large tribe called El-Drissa

Jane Heslegrave said about Heslegrave : Heslegrave is a variant of Hazelgrove. A dweller near a path in a grove of hazel trees.

Stella said about Marcheff : Bulgarian surname. Meaning son of March.

Odoye said about Onisobuana : Onisobuana is a name. It finds its origin from the Engenni ethnic nationality in southern Nigeria. The name means "Thank you God", simply interpreted "ThankGod". The name is a combination of two Engenni words - Oniso - meaning God and Buana - meaning thank you. Oniso is used as prefix or suffix in many Engenni names like : Onisobuana - ThankGod Onisoviei - GoodGod Uwanuoniso - God'sfavour Odemoniso - God'speace And so on

Masokameng Malesela William Le said about Letsoalo : There's more into the Letsoalo that has never been told in history and apartheid era

Carlota said about Genskowsky : El apellido Genskowski es polaco. La Y final es una deformación

Joseph said about Pandi : Panda is the name assocted Pandi is the name associated with the ancient Tamil kingdom with Madurai as capital . As such there are thousands of Pandi-derived names tothis very day

anonymous said about Amorsen : Cupid is in the Roman mythology an erotic god of love. He is also called Amor and corresponds to the Greek god Eros. Amor shoots arrows that makes people and gods fall in love. A legend says that a ship named "Amor" was lost close to the coast of Denmark. The only survivor was a little boy who flushed ashore. He came to be called Amor and sons after him (Amorson) danish:Amorsen

Sephiri said about Motheketlela : The family originated from South Eastern Angola, Northern Botswana, Northern Namibia and South Western Zambia speaking lotswi they arrived in South Africa and settled in the then Eastern Transvaal Tseaneng best known as Tzaneen (ga-Maake) Mathwekga was the eldest male member of the family on their arrival he had the features of 2.2M tall so was his descendants. the family migrated to wards the North West on their endeavour to return to their origin land on the way the old man passed on and he was Buried along the Tropic of Capricorn on the banks of Dwarsrivier west of the Molemole mountain his wife Mothokoa with his sons (Ntotole, Sekobela, Peyeha) and a daughter (Mosekate) proceeded to Granite (Itsweni) were they joined the Machaba clan and they cross married. those who lived in the 18th centuary and their graves where marked in modern tombstones are now found at ga- Kgotahama mmotong wa ga-Matotoka the eldest male member in that grave yard is Jim Skobela the second. we can now find descendants throughout the western LTT, Mohoadi ga-Manthata, Indermark, Moletsi, Seshego, Turfloop, Rasternburg and Gauteng. the elderst living male member of this family in 2017 is Mathwekga Nicodimus Motheketlela living in Suurman (lephenvile) Hamanskraal.

Maryse bouliane said about Maryse : Me Maryse : je n'attends pas le succes je le provoque"

Bendis Pustina said about Bendis :

Tanatswa Chipepera said about Chipepera : my grandfather was part of the first train engineers in Zimbabwe and drivers

Dom said about Sánchez : Sanchez, means son of Sancho in medieval Castilian Spanish.

Denis Arslanovski said about Arslanovski : I'm from Macedonia, Bitola

Raúl Fliman said about Fliman : Earliest Known origen:Joseph Fliman, 19 century Vinnytsia, Ukraine.

nelson wangwabi mandela said about Mandela : the name is given to child born with big protruding umbilical cord and combines two words i.e Ma(which means one of or with) and ndela(umbilical cord) so combined it becomes mandela as in some tribes in eastern and central africa

Ronnie Lynas said about Lynas : I was always led to believe that the name Lynas was of French Huguenot origin

GEORGE NGUASONG NGU said about Ngu : NGU means Priasses

Sibongiseni Shadrack Mlangeni said about Mlangeni : I pride myself for being part of the Mlangeni Clan, it is with great respect and honour that i and the rest of the Mlangeni grandchildren take this name to another level and sustain its culture with pride. love u all Magasela!!!!

Ohakwe Dickson said about Ohakwe : The name ohakwe is an igbo name(eastern part of Nigeria) which simply means "let all agree"

Larry Stefanishen said about Stefanishen : The orginal spelling was Stefanizyn, and changed in the 50 or 60's

Steve Niebergall said about Niebergall : The name means "One who habitually fails to pay his pub debt."

BELMILOUD Mounir said about Belmiloud : j'habite en Algérie

Manini said about Kainaz : It is a parsi name of Iranian origin. Kai - means royal and naz - graceful. Hence Kainaz - one with royal grace

Jojo Quayson said about Quayson : Other Misspels: Kwesin, Kweson Origin. Akan (Ghana) name for boys born on Sunday is "Kwesi". Colonial British in Ghana insisting boys entering school should have English names transformed Kwesi to Kweson. Since English does not have "kw" diphthong Kwesin became Quayson

Tor Stenfelt said about Stenfelt : See also my earlier comments; STENFELT may also be (more directly) translated as: STONEFIELD.

Anil Bandewar said about Bandewar : I am ANIL BANDEWAR, Manager Skill Development Centre Mohkhed Chhindwara MP India. I want to more about the Bandewar s

Kait Waldo said about Kait : It origin is Irish.

Lubna Haj Issa said about Lubna : Member of Board European Association of Communication Directors

Christian Arnet said about Arnet : Son of norwegian Knut Arnet and swedish Annika Gillberg, married Arnet (with Knut) Christian Arnet was born 1968 in Zürich, Switzerland. He lives in Sweden. He works with television. He is married to Jenny Arnet (previous Jenny Lööf) they have two daughters Freja and Agnes born 2003 and 2006.

Raymond A Stunkel said about Stunkel : Name origin is actually Germany.

kristofer said about Kolpakov : im from finland

Azmul Huda said about Huda : My Name is not included in the list below.

Jack said about Ciacma : The surname origin is Polish. And more precisely the area of Krakow.

Robert said about Arkam : Arkam is jewish name

Denise Russell nee Bruchez said about Bruchez : The name Bruchez comes from Switzerland

Carlos Eduardo Sarturi said about Sarturi : Sartor è specifico della zona che comprende il trevigiano e la bassa provincia di Pordenone, Sartorelli è molto raro, localizzato nel nord Italia, Sartore è molto diffuso sia in Piemonte e Liguria che in Veneto, anche Sartori è diffuso in tutto il nord, ma in modo molto più massiccio, Sartorio è specifico del varesotto e alto milanese, con presenze apprezzabili anche nel lodigiano, pavese e novarese, tutti questi cognomi dovrebbero derivare, direttamente o tramite forme ipocoristiche, dal cognomen latino Sartorius.

Shirley Lokker said about Lokker : My ancestry is from the Netherlands and Indonesia

jehan said about Jehan : This name is Turkish and means the world and written (Çihan) C letter pronunc like G

Sanda Psenitina said about Psenitina : Psenitina comes from russian and something to do with wheet

Joanne Ohanesian said about Ohanesian : In Armenian, "ian" represents "son of" , and "Ohanes" = John, so a translation could be "Son of John"

Mardou Strikker said about Mardou : The naam comes from the book of Jack Kerouac (French Canadian) on the road, written in the beatnik period.

Ronnie Gikore said about Gikore : Is a kenyan name I know 5 people with that name. One is Zack Gikore

al zzzzzzz said about Mastello : Origin is southern Italy

DIVINE said about Ekomen : IT MEANS GOD BLESS

DeCavitch said about Decavitch : There is nothing on my last name. i would appreciate if you could find something

Abeleje Olaniyi said about Abeleje : Its origin is definitely Nigeria. Akoko North West, Ondo State to be precise.

Lars Engelbredt said about Engelbredt : My name is Lars Engelbredt

Mercy said about Gikobwa : It means baby girl. Origin: Kinyarwanda language spoken in Rwanda, East Africa.

Bruno Muchiri said about Chokera : The Name Chokera is a Kimeru word Meaning repeat. In Kiswahili it is Rudia

Chris said about Vidgard : I'm from Lithonia

HRH Mathabo Seheri said about Mathabo : Mathabo is a Southren Sesotho name meaning Mother of Hapiness. Ma=Mother thabo=Hapiness Country of origion= Lesotho, landlocked in South Africa.

Anand Talekar said about Talekar : Our original surname was DABHADE We shifted TALEgaon, Pune To Konkan, Maharashtra because w7e got Surname TALEKAR

Erie Iskandar Aria Pandji said about Erie : In Japanish meant lovely

dony goldwin panggabean said about Panggabean : how come theres no shaun or gohan panggabean here

Klemen said about Klemen : Photographer Kle-men The men who is always here for you...

Mordechai Szwarcfiter said about Szwarcfiter : The name's origin is polish. It's correctly spelled as "Schwartzfiter". It means literally "black lining (especially ​those of leather clothes)", which probably refers to a family's patriarch who worked as a tailor or something in this fashion. Albeit, the name origin and it's first appearance are unknown.

Mauricio Gambaro said about Gambaro : Son of Waldemar Décio Gambaro Borned in Brazil Grandson of Giuseppe Giovanni Gambaro borned in Brazil Great-grandson of Pietro Gambaro borned in Italy

Nokwazi said about Mabunda : I'm 14 years old and I would like to also know more about imvelaphi yam . If I look carefully a person needs to know where they come from so that they know where they are going

Vazgen said about Varsimashvili : Origin of the name is Georgian, last name in Georgia (country of), meaning son of Varsim or Varsim'son in direct translation

Siret Talve said about Talve : Talve means winter's in Estonian. So it an Estonian Family name with certain meaning.

TsHePiE said about Ledwaba : i would like to know the meaning of LEDWABA I can't just use a surname that I don't really know what it means

Ebiesuwa Michael Oluwadamilare said about Ebiesuwa : You May Contact Me To Know More About The Name "Ebiesuwa". Facebook@ Ebiesuwa Michael Damilare

Mahboobeh said about Mahboobe : The meaning of Mahboobeh in Iran is lovely 😊

Deepak bangwal said about Bangwal : The caste bangwal has been originated by the village name banga on the route between lakchmoli to chandrabadni in tehri garhwal... Uttrakhand., Bangwal caste people's are migrated from madhya pradesh..they was Gaur Brahman related to bhardawaj gotra... Earlier Bangwals was bhatt..

Alexandra Kemendy said about Kemendy : The name "Kemendy" for my branch of the Kayser family in and near Bak, Hungary and Keszthely, Hungary has the following history: during World War II, my father, Miklós Imre Kayser and his brother, Gyula Kayser were both in the Hungarian armed forces. Hungary was occupied by Nazi Germany. A decree was issued by the head of the Hungarian armed forces that all members must "Hungarianize" their names. Since my family's name, Kayser, was insufficiently Hungarian, both he and his brother must make their name more Hungarian. To this end, they chose the name "Kemendy". The "Kemendy" part came from land that the family owned in NW Hungary, Kemend-Olár". The "y" was added at the end to denote that the bearer of this name came from the estate of Kemend-Olár. Only nobility could use the "y". As my family had been part of the nobility for as far back as anyone could remember, they were allowed to use the "y" to signify their nobility. The name "Kemendy", then means: someone of noble birth from the estate of Kemendy-Olár. It is like the German "von"" Braun" or the English "Robin of Locksley". Only landed nobility could use these titles. So, all the rest of the family remained "Kayser", while Miklós and Gyula were now known as Kemendy in order to obey the military decree.

Thompson Tamunokuro said about Tamunokuro : The name Tamunokuro means God's power in Okrika language in rivers state Nigeria

Normia said about Normia : Normia is a variation of Norman or Normandy but of Germman origin. Sometimes spelt without R as Normia. It means someone from the north.

shahab said about Shahab : shahab is a Iranian and Arabic word. but pronunciation is different. in case of Arabic the pronunciation is shehab and means meteor . in case of Iranian the pronunciation is shahab and means a special wine which taken from safflower or Carthamus .

swayanka said about Swayanka : the meaning is self dependent

jeremiah matuludi said about Matuludi : The nguni people says Matululu

Alan Goldsmith said about Tumay : Means. FULL MOON

Mahboobeh said about Mahboobe : The meaning of Mahboobeh in Iran is lovely 😊

Karbasi said about Karbasi : The name Karbasi is derived from "karbas" which is similar to canvas (some people translate karbas to burlap)... It literally means coarse cloth made of cotton (i.e. a coarse cotton cloth)

Orinda said about Orinda : This name derives from Albania, it use to be an old place called Erinda and later was use as name for girls in both forms Erinda and Orinda

GIOVANNI said about Pentza : Citi during Roman Empire, Pentza today Pec in Srbian province of Kosovo.

kristine said about Daros : Origin austria

Andreive Caballes said about Andreive : Plâceu vou tenti Manila porqôu souy estuele elt lough escuolt.

Ntsikomzi said about Ntsikomzi : The name means pillar of the house

Refentse Senosi said about Senosi : Senosi means that something is alone or independent

Marc Roberts said about Irina : I'M trying to get more information on Irina Zaveschevskaya

Shanthanayaki said about Shanthanayaki : Shanthanayaki is name of goddess.Lord shivan wife parvathi's name.

Romana Lidiak said about Lidiak : Czech Republic

Methursana said about Methusan : Meaning is Wise Girl

Saubhagyanidhi said about Saubhagyanidhi : The name means "Goodluck Treasure". The person having this name will have a treasure full of good luck in his entire life time. The name has been given as a blessing by Pujniya Radha Baba.

elsenia miller said about Elsenia : Searching for country of origin of first name Elsenia & it's definition

Heidi said about Kanterman : My maiden name is Kanterman

Yathavi said about Yathavi : They tend to be active and affectionate towards their loved ones.

non said about Adjal : Adjal in Arabic is like "Accelerates things" like "hurry". Source: my family name, Algeria

ola o shebikan abdulrasheed ad said about Adanijo : the name means we are good/great in a congree,society or community

toralf said about Nordbotten : nordbotten has it's origin fronm a farm in the bottom of a fjord. There was two farms, one on the south side and one on the north. Therfore, northbottom and southbottom, meaning nordbotten and sorbotten

Vic said about Bhaboeti : means bhasma (ash use by Shiva)

Domara said about Yadegar : Hello, the YADEGAR is pure Persian word which meaning is memory or memorandum , when someone give something to another person as memory, thank you

Tor Arne Skalvik said about Grønbekk : Grønbekk means "green creek". Related to the creek crossing the property, and the green environment with forrest.

Gloria said about Osuafor : Osuafor Is A Surname Dat Our Forefather Due Bear.It Has No Meaning In English Expect Igbo

Sanjay Curpad said about Curpad : CURPAD/Kurpad is derived from Koorapativalu

Taleb Chalab Cham said about Taleb : The name is old and its origin is not France

talard tellor tallard said about Tallard : 1600 st.peray france.. talard welesh talardd talard canada

celina surnin saes said about Surnin : sou do brasil procuro minha família genealógica sou prima do Nicolau Surnin e do Vladmir

francisco nadais said about Nadais : NADAIS is a portugueses small village in Santa Maria da Feira, close to São João da Madeira

Ahano said about Ahano : Means 'to select'

raid benaifa said about Benaifa : hi im raid benaifa i live in algeria

Jo Konings said about Konings : The name Konings (translation King) comes from the yearly winner of the archery competion, which was held in many villages since the middle ages in Netherland and Belgium.If you won the competition tree times you became a Keizer (Emperor) witch is also a family name

martine Tinjoud said about Tinjoud : Tin en anglais signifie l'étain(métal) joud est en français la transcription phonétique de jud dans les langues anglo-saxonnes qui signifie juif .retrouver ce nom en Savoie où depuis longtemps on fabrique des cloches pourrait signifier le juif de l'étain et pourrait être relié au métier d'un juif anglo-saxon émigré. Ce n'est qu'une suggestion possible.....

Zingisa said about Nkcubeko : The meaning of the xhosa name Nkcubeko

Njaki said about Njaki : It is a Filipino name that means a beautiful princess

benmouiza mohamed said about Benmouiza : its an algerian and imarati name too , for algerian its origin is taken from a desert plant seed which is called maza but ower grand grand father when he was boy found this seed but in order to say maza he said to his freinds who was palying with hai i found a mouiza a mouiza , and from that time they call him mouiza and when he got married he was chid called also ben mouiza