Devon said about Devon : Hello my name is Devon. I am sent to you from hell, not heaven. With looks like an angel, but will sting like a bee... Her green eyes are mezmerising, will bring you to your knees. I know who I am and at least now you can say you know my name.

Heshmati said about Heshmati : Heshmati is an Persian word comes from Arabic language. It is a family name in Iran and means greatness, magnanimity, generosity. Of course, I am not a language profession. I am just heshmati myself

Charlotte Lücke said about Lücke : Lücke might be german for sure, it means like ‚gap‘ in english and is so not swedish.

Lara Takashima said about Takashima : Eu n sei muito sobre esse nome mas eu tenho ele por parte de pai,ele é de origem japonêsa

Alan said about Izadfar : Izadfar; Izad is a persian origin word and mean god. Far is a suffix and stands for properties of god. Izadfar means one who carries the properties of God.

Fouilhoux said about Fouilhoux : Comes from "feuillus ": place where there are no connifers, only trees with "feuilles "(sheets)

Kwame Shujaa said about Kwame : first born dominant male Saturday born Please add my name to the list

Jeroen Dekker said about Dunselman : The name Dunselman comes originally from Germany where the family came from. In the place they lived was a small river called "Dunsel" and the man who traveled through the Netherlands were called the man from the Dunsel. Hence when you tigh this together you get Dunselman. Originally the Dunselman people sold their product from their rucksack to farmers and villagers all over the Netherlands.

Alwyn Moerdyk said about Moerdyk : The meaning of Moerdyk - the dyk part relates to a retaining wall or coffer dam that prevents water from entering. The Moer part relates to earth (mud)and relates to moor in English and coffee grounds. An ancestor is reputed to have dug peat from the sea in the Rotterdam area of Holland and built coffer dams or moer dyks to hold the sea back while he worked.

Haitham Adel said about Haitham : Haitham was used by Arabs of the old ages to refer to Falcon.

Ruenet said about Ruenet : Yes, i know something and why conclude that my name has no meaning, of was my mother drunk when she named me!


fds said about Rattingen : Van Rattingen: 'Van' means 'from' Ratingen (misspelt as 'Rattingen') is the name of a town near Dusseldorf (Germany)

Menno Arouw said about Arbouw : Johan Menno Arbouw, born Leiden The Netherlands 1945 Origin of the name: Harbou from Lille(France Hugenots) In the Netherlands changed in Arbouw (fonetic). Family in Canada and Austalia is from the oldest existing branch of wich I am Stamholder. The name is used by 182 people in The Netherlands. Origin of the family for all Arbouw people is Leiden The Netherlands.

shireen kamaldien said about Shireen : cape town, south africa

Bisong Takimtiku said about Takimtiku : Ejagham name in the Bantu group of languages in Nigeria Africa.

Tiku said about Tiku : originated from Africa-Ejagham -Bantu group of languages.

GAGAN RAJ KHATRY said about Gagan : khatry means mix of braman and other cast from nepal

Gregory Mason said about Bargouli : I have in the past had an extreme experience with something of this name or close to it - balgoulli or barghouli but the titles evasion from me is part of some agenda of its introduction. Please contact me at

shivendra pratap sonkar said about Sonker : Sonkar word taken by Hindi word which means lovely thinking we can say melted heart

Dennis said about Lylyk : The name Lylyk is of Ukrainian origin. In Ukrainian it is pronounced Lelek meaning the animal "bat".

Ivan yakovich said about Yakubovich : your site has my grandpa on it

Bryan Balkam said about Balkam : It is not UK or Saudi Arabian, it's Dutch and Irish

Toni said about Rodica : Dacă ești acea Rodica Mititelu,devenită Prisecaru,actualmente în Franța,absolventă a colegiului ”Gh. Șincai” din București în anul 1973, anul IV A și care stătea pa Griviței, aproape de Piața Chibrit,scrie-mi ,te rog,pe adresa de

Kone Mpho said about Kone : Kone means to come together

Tshepo said about Kgatla : Origin of surname kgatla

mpho Kone said about Kone : Mpho Means gift

Neneh said about Makwakala : The origine of the name is from the north of angola and south of congo drc the meaning is a politicien ..or some one who have the abilities to convince,lead,truck,seduce easily .

Rievedna Ganesh said about Rievedna : It means :Gift from God" in hindi

Suha said about Suha : I know that the name Suha is an old Arabic name that means a shining star at the north pole. however, I cant verify the meaning if correct

Pathakamuri Siva Kumar naidu said about Pathakamuri : Pathakamuri Siva Kumar naidu

Ani said about Ani : The origin of the name Ani is Western Armenian.

Udagepolage Gamini Seneviratne said about Seneviratne : This is a Sri Lankan Name.

Olugu Nnamdi said about Olugu : Olugu means "WORRIOR"

Francesca Biryukov said about Biryukov : I have been told by some Russian descendants that Biryuk can symbolize a Birch tree, or some say it means a person who is a hermit or a recluse, possibly an esthetic

Nabil Mounzer said about Mounzer : Mounzer or Mounther it`s same , it is a family name and is a descendant of the " King Al-Nu'man Al-Mounther", King of the Kingdom of Al-Hira, which was located in Iraq in the Persian era of the "king Kesra" and then in the time of the Islamic conquests.

Mark Piucci said about Piucci : I have a large page on Piucci (and logan). There is a facebook page started by my cousins and Family, called , PIUCCI's Family

PLUSQUIN said about Rene : René PLUSQUN 26.08.1955

Bram Vermeij said about Vermeij : Bram Vermeij 1977

Germain Bonneau said about Bonneau : Meaning Bonn (Good) eau (water)=Goodwater

frila said about Lumwachi : lumwachi is anice name

Leonildo Piovesan said about Leonildo : From the Latin, Leonildo means "one who has the genius of the lion"

Baeumli said about Chandrasekaran : Chandrasekaran

Augustine Igele said about Igele : Igele means a strong young man full of life and energy

Pouranpir said about Pouranpir : Pouran means sons Pir means aged and having wisdom alert and knowledgeable sons

Tausif said about Praiser : I am a tausif I am a boy but my name is means Praiser why

Azimi said about Azimi : Azimi is an Arabic name/last name. It is one of God's name in Koran. It means Greatest.

Hans Rudolf Gfroerer said about Gfrörer : Hans Rudolf Gfroerer says: Meaning of "Gfrörer, Gfroerer" maybe this: main distribution area is therefore the area around the upper Neckar. In the Swabian there is a Gfrörne, which is a frozen place, for example refers to the complete freezing of Lake Constance as Seegfrörne. Maybe a Gfrörer comes from a very cold place. In Bern Germans that yes Schwäbisch as part of the Alemannic, ie Gfröre = freeze. A home name after a particularly cold and windy corner. Would be good possible of geography, since the upper Neckar and environment both from the Black Forest as well as of the Swabian Alb can shut blow cold winds, or the embedded therein Neckargau can act like a chimney between the two mountains. Then there's the possibility that Gfrörner is an Invulnerable. A legend from Switzerland told, for example: "In the Toggenburg and Appenzell country prevails even now with some people of faith, there are men who can" gfrören ", ie her body against all blows, even to those with a Hebeisen, total desensitize up on a small spot on the body that was in the rule under the nose or under the armpit. "Detectable since about 1425 by Hans R. Gfroerer / Ritterhude, Germany

Amos Zaunda said about Lomena : Lomena simply means someone who is cook

Francis Mbalanga said about Mbalanga : We are working now in in Nkulumashi B,Village in Lufwanyama Diatrict,Copperbelt,Province,Zambia for life and living of people in Lufwanyama in education,water,agriculture,toilet,electricity,disabied,hunger,hiv/aids,eldes,girls,womenboys,the rights of people in community and villages,please

Narendra said about Palandurkar : People who live in Village Palandur so the people known from the village nane Palandur @ Palandurkar

Isabella Starrfield said about Starrfield : German name "Starenfeldt" (uncertain of pronounciation), americanized to Starrfield

reetakshi said about Reetakshi : Reetakshi is a very beautiful name . Reetakshi is my sis name also.

Krüsilover said about Krüsi : Krüsi ist der geilste Nachname der Welt

Peter Kutzer said about Kutzer : My family KUTZER history startet 1514 with George KUTZER in Dobern, Bohemia, a bailiff and castelan

Igbodipe olumide fidelis said about Igbodipe : Igbodipe is the family name of a royal and very distinguished family from Ijebu Imusin, Ogun State of Nigeria in Africa continent. Some family members in diaspora are doing well in United State if America, United Kingdom and a host of African countries

Kris Makuvise said about Makuvise : it is a Zimbabwean surname meaning the destroyers

Jozhe Roth said about Roth : From Slovenia (EU).

Sushant said about Sushant : Sushant Auti

Michael George Vergis said about Vergis : My father migrated from Crete, Greece in 1914. Naturalized citizen in 1926 as Georgis Vergetakis. Name changed to George Vergis. I believe that many Crete immigrants with last name of Vergetakis changed their names to Vergis. There are still many Vergetakis in Crete today.

Silan said about Silan : The meaning of the name is wild rose

Tykeil said about Tykiel : It means gold reeper or golden boy

Teddy Sibuyi said about Sibuyi : Im still finding myself thats why i ended up in this website. I was searching for Sibuyi.

Lawatzki said about Lavatski : I m insterested to know more about the name.

Bandali said about Bandali : Bandali means - Follower of Almighty Ali, the son-in-law of Prophet Muhammad (SAW)

harry alschuler said about Alschuler : derived from altschuler, which refers to the altschul of prague.

Kenji said about Kenji : Kenji is a Japanese surname. In western/latin script it is a phonetic representation of what it sounds like in Japanese. The meaning depends on how it is written in Japanese.

Egon Dickau said about Dykau : Originally Dykau. Dykau brothers in Edmonton were Arthur, Willi, Otto, Erich, Herbert. Sister Meta Helwing. Many children

Stefulj said about Stefulj : Stefulj = stef which is the diminutive of Stephen, that is Steven and the ending 'ulj' is an common ending meaning 'son of'. So Stefulj in english translates to son of steven or Stevenson.

karangizi Robert said about Karangizi : Gothering others in unity

Bruce said about Klaaste : I believe its quoi related and come from the surname klaust' who was spelled wrong over the years and now u get klaaste

Carool said about Carool : The name comes from Carolus, Charlemagne, and the Saint Carolus Borromeus. It means Kerel, strong man

Lucille Mudenda said about Mudenda : Mudenda is a Tonga name meaning the person belongs to the elephant clan. It has its origins in Central and Southern Africa.

Lucille said about Mudenda : Mudenda is a Tonga name meaning the person belongs to the elephant clan

Per Tore Wickstrøm said about Wickstrøm : live in ves agder Norway.

Hild said about Bogaerts : Bogaerts means Bogard or orchard in old Flemish

NSSReddy said about Resapu : Desapu is a surname or house name of some of the Reddy families of Visakhapatnam area of Andhra Pradesh.

Gary Lyng said about Lyng : some say it comes from Norway from Lyngstad, additionally there are 2 villages in England called Lyng and another person has stated it is Irish.

Milt Dolinar said about Milt : Milt is short for Milton which translated means Mill Town.

srihari marimganti said about Marimganti : My best wishes to all marimganti family names persons and I am very proud of marimganti is my surname

Kleves Jazxhi said about Jazxhi : Origin is from turkish.. same meaning of SCRIBA.. used in Albania

sagolsem sunildutta singh said about Sagolsem : sagolsem is a surname(yumnak) which is used in Manipur, by manipuri Meitei.Its name of the clan which have classified in early manipur kingdom.My brief knowledge only.

David Bucknell said about Nuti : My Gt Gt grandfather was Robert William Nuti Born 1850 in Italy but left Italy to come to England Surrey.

Richard Magondu said about Magondu : Magondu is a Bantu word meaning 'one who rears sheep'

michelle a beliso said about Beliso : origin from Aragon, Spain two families married Val and Lison = Valison. spread to the Philippines and the anunciation of their language changed the V to a B. became Beliso.

ziad nader said about Nader : hello ich bin ziad nader , ich komme aus syrien , aber wohne ich in Deutschland

aspen soprito said about Soprito : that is true the name soprito does mean strength and honor

Hans Naber said about Naber : It was in The Neterlands so called Neighbourship or in Dutch Nabuurschap. Neighbors helped each other when there was a calimity.

Bill Javandel said about Javandel : The name "Javandel" is Persian; It originates from the Farsi words "javân" (young) and "del" (heart).

Vittum said about Vittum : Vittum was originally french Vieuxtemps (I believe Vieux = old, temps = time)

VladTheImpaler said about Sakatani : This surname originaly comes from two Japanese words "saka" (坂) and "tani" (谷) which means "hill" and "valley", respectively. This surname appears to be very rare, at least. Other variations or spelling of this is " Sacatani"

sheelan said about Sheelan : this name have several meanings in Kurdish. some of them are: 1. Joy of Eid 2. A red flower that grows on the top. of the steep mountains of Kurdistan. 3. Sea coral.

Erdnando said about Erdnando : Erdnando is from mexico, and does mean strength

JACOB OKAM said about Okam : OKAM : is an Ibo spoken work in Nigeria. Meaning: The word 'Okam' stands as emphasis or attribute given to 'INDOMITABLE GOD'.

Zorinela said about Zorinela : Zorinela means that you can be whatever you want, make your own signify, that's the best gift.

Sharon said about Norring : Norring is my maiden name. It comes from Denmark. It was a purchased name by my Great Grandfather Neils Peter Hansen Norring. It was taken from a small town in Denmark.

Patricia Druelinger said about Druelinger : I would like to find country of origin for my surname

Sharon Rapetswa said about Rapetswa : it is a Sepedi Surname, they are of the crocodile clan, known to be the porcupines of the Tswana-Sotho tribes. They reside in South Africa and have settled by the mountains of Botlokwa in the 1800s under the chieftaincy of king Ramokgopa of the Batlokwa people.

Juozas said about Dowiatt : Daujotas, Daujotis, Daujatis, Doviatas

Terry said about Saxer : Misspellings: I have seen it spelled Saxor on a Census reord while researching my Saxer maiden name. Kids on the school bus use to "miss" pronounce it Sexer, Sexter, Sacker.

SHEFFY FIELDS said about Sheffy : I once was told (and shown that it was an obscure middle-eastern dialect translated to mean 'Gentle Wind.' I don’t know if it is true or not. Thanks for any help you can provide.

Solly Pitout said about Pitout : The surname is French.

Salvatore Kahl said about Kehl : Original spelling of KEHL changed to "KAHL" I am a DESCENDENT OF VALENTIN KEHL who was born March 21, 1818, Landgericht Hasfort (Hassfurt) Bavaria and died March 7, 1908 in Baltimore (County) Maryland. He married MARGARETHA GUNTER on January 11 1852 in St Alphonsus Baltimore Md. She was born on February 11, 1826 in Landgericht Weismein Kirchlein, Bavaria . Margaretha died August 8, 1909 in Baltimore County. Both are laid to rest in the St. Joseph Fullerton Church cemetery in Baltimore (Fullerton) Maryland. They had 12 children.

Parviz Ataabadi said about Ataabadi : Word "Ataabadi" means a person from "Ataabad". Ataabad is now part of a city named " Dehaghan" , where is located 20 KM West of Shahreza, Iran.

Mbalanga Francis said about Mbalanga : I am would my image or you can check for my image.

Elina Calzavara said about Calzavara : This surname originated in Venice at the time of Doges and jesters. A jester used to wear tights with two different color. Tights in Italian means "calza" and different (color) means "varia. Calza-varia became Calzavara. We are, in essence, funny people, our anchestors were jesters. :)

Randall said about Rozin : Rozin is also last name of a writer on branding and marketing strategy serving on a real peered review jounals

Maria said about Seeno : Seeno has many origins; there is no true origin because it may be the ending of a name or the name changed; from Sienna, Italy, for example.

Amy said about Preeyan : Did you know that the anagram for Amy is Yma

Adrian Kronheffer said about Kronheffer : This name has more users in Sweden like, Julia Kronheffer, Felix Kronheffer and Joel Kronheffer

Mariin Markwat said about Markwardt : 300 years ago marckwart they go from hessen darmstadt to mellissant the netherlands

Hlawka Michel said about hlawka : Polish Ukrainian origin

Don Kesty said about Keghtor : The meaning of that word is WAIT FOR KING

Henning Aabye Lindener said about Lindener : Dan Lindener Kirsten Lindener

Erblin said about Kozarevic : Hey im in switzerland

Khonaye said about Sululu : There are over 100 Sululus in South Africa. Mostly the easternside of the country

Nils Andreas Erstad said about Erstad : The name comes from Viking age farms in Norway, meaing Erik's. It is originated indepently at least in the counties Nordmøre (Øksendal), Sunnmøre, Hordaland (somewhere north of Bergen), the town Notodden or about there, and the Oppland ( Søndre Land). The families from these places are not relatives. The *farm* name is also found in the small island Visinsgö in teh Swedish lake Vättern.

Sibrand Martens said about Sibrand : Sibrand means in German “Mit siegende Klingel”. Dutch: “Met overwinnend zwaard”. Ik zoek iemand met de naam Sibrand Marteens I.v.m. Ervenis

Emir Krupic said about Krupic : The Surname is a South Slavic name predominantly found in the former Jugoslavia.

Vemisha said about Vemisha : I want to know the meaning of this word

Frank said about kluijtmans : Kluijtmans means Kakhoofd in Dutch

Peter Tabot Ayuk said about Ayuk : Ayuk is Ejagham word for "We have heard" A popular surname among the Bayang (Cameroon) and Ejagham (both Cameroon and Nigeria.

Lindy Haunschild said about Haunschild : Hello All. I am from the Pacific Northwest in USA.

Elvis Ekoigiawe said about Ekoigiawe : Not be able to know the mind of another.

Josef Faber said about Faber : The origin of the name goes back to the Roman Legions where the faber worked as smithy/armorer/carpenter/tinkerer in support of the legions' mission.

Josef Faber said about Faber : The origin of the name goes back to the Roman Legions where the faber worked as smithy/armorer/carpenter/tinkerer in support of the legions' mission.


Behrad ghanaei said about Ghanaei : Ghanaei means a kind of forbidden music in islam the right pronunciation is ghenaei our family are in music my grand pa my uncle my faders cousin and music is in our blood

Noel Sacatani said about Sacatani : The real spell of that surname is ''SAKATANI'' from some Japanese man who rape my grandpa's mother and because of that we who have bear this name change that letter ''K'' to Letter C to make that ''Sacatani'' as a sign of hate in japanese in world war 2 to and to make that spell like filipino because japanese doesn't have a letter C.

Ruggero Erani said about Erani : What I know: the name Erani probably has origin from German language as an evolution of the word "Herren" means "Sirs"