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The word Gabriele has a web popularity of 71700000 pages.


What means Gabriele?

The meaning of Gabriele is: God'S Able-Bodied One Feminine Of Gabriel

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...Gabriele is principally a saint of the young and thousands of young people go to pray to him.
Gabriele is a 1983 graduate of hofstra university school of law in hempstead.
Gabriele is committed to assisting individuals and businesses make the fullest use of their talents and resources.
Gabriele is currently chairman of the computers in engineering division of asme.
Gabriele is a graduate of the university of akron with a ba in communications and a graduate of the ohio college of podiatric medicine.
Gabriele is persuaded by paolo of an impure relationship between boccanegra and amelia.
Gabriele is commited to recovering the christian mystical tradition and fostering spiritual practices appropriate to a contemporary earth mindfulness.
Gabriele is responsible for programme related updates.
Gabriele is also a member of the american academy of ophthalmology.
Gabriele is also in the process of updating it and would appreciate people letting him know of things he has missed.

What is the origin of name Gabriele? Probably Italy or Germany.

Gabriele spelled backwards is Eleirbag
This name has 8 letters: 4 vowels (50.00%) and 4 consonants (50.00%).

Anagrams: Bagereli Rbieglae Eegribla Lgierabe Labergei Leebriag Aebelirg Girleeba Ibraleeg Aigbeler Riebgeal Gbealrei
Misspells: Gsbriele Gabtiele Gabrielle Gabryele Gabliele Gabiele Gabrielea Gbariele Gabrieel Gabrilee

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