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The word Mora has a web popularity of 256000000 pages.


What means Mora?

The meaning of Mora is: Sweet Berry

Díaz says: What means Mora? The meaning of Mora is: Sweet Berry

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...Mora is also home to famous attractions such as the zorn art collections.
Mora is set to fight charles wilson for the california state heavyweight championship october 18 at the san francisco.
Mora is a moderate size lake just to the southeast of little saganaga.
Mora is also investigating application of this research to military mission planning.
Mora is a 34 year old citizen of mexico who has resided continuously in the united states since at least 1982.
Mora is fountain of passion and energy hidden underneath a thick veneer of cool toughness.
Mora is known as one of the hottest djs in the west side house connection.
Mora is one of the few contemporary philosophers who can write wittily and well on themes as diverse as the thought of wittgenstein.
Mora is a member of the australian commercial galleries association.
Mora is now sitting on a beach in monkham inlet as a result of dowsing.

What is the origin of name Mora? Probably Chile or Italy.

Mora spelled backwards is Arom
This name has 4 letters: 2 vowels (50.00%) and 2 consonants (50.00%).

Anagrams: Moar Omar Oamr Rmao Oarm Arom Orma Oram Ramo Maro Amor Aomr Roma Amro
Misspells: Mors Mota Mola Moa Moraa Mroa Moar

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