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The word Abdul has a web popularity of 177000000 pages.


What means Abdul?

The meaning of Abdul is: Servant

Web synthesis about this name:

...Abdul is mallet king of the uk a retired teacher has picked up a second major croquet title to join an elite band of mallet men.
Abdul is professor of law at the university of warwick.
Abdul is yelling and throwing water and stones at staff.
Abdul is one of two living sons and is very concerned about the health and welfare of his 76 year old mother who.
Abdul is tempted to sleep for another 10 more minutes and be late.
Abdul is known for her funky dance moves that took her all the way from her debut as a laker girl to a pop singing sensation.
Abdul is assisted by two dancers from her tour and a room filled with other people who are following along with the routine.
Abdul is a former chair of the london east asian business association.
Abdul is the nom de plum of a california man who is a practicing professional electrical engineer.
Abdul is a palestinian australian secondary student.

What is the origin of name Abdul? Probably UK or Pakistan.

Abdul spelled backwards is Ludba
This name has 5 letters: 2 vowels (40.00%) and 3 consonants (60.00%).

Anagrams: Ablud Budal Dluba Duabl Bdaul Adlub Ulbad Adubl Lduab Aludb Lbadu
Misspells: Sbdul Abdull Abdula Adbul Abdlu Abudl

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Abdul Abdul Abdul Abdul Abdul

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