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The word Adebowale has a web popularity of 775000 pages.


What means Adebowale?

The meaning of Adebowale is: Means 'my crown has come home' in Igbo.

Adebowale says: Adebowale is originally named by yoruba group of people situated in the south-western part of Nigeria. The word "Ade" simply means Crown, while the "bowa" mean comeback and "ile" mean home. The name Adebowale is considered to be the name given to the male/female child of any royal family in yoruba land according to the tradition. If you hails from the royal family irrespective of your gender, Ade could start as first 3 letters of your name. Example: Adebisi, Adewale,Adebola,Adeolu etc. Hence, in a yoruba language it is very possible to syllabic the word as Ādé/bò/wá/lé. pronounce as Re/mi/do/mi/mi. Thank you.

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...Adebowale is there to make sure it punches its weight.
Adebowale is keen for residents to genuinely run the project he is also wants to guard against vocal community activists taking over the project.
Adebowale is available for interview from johannesburg.
Adebowale is not what you could call a typical member of the house of lords.
Adebowale is a member of the new deal task force and a member of the central london partnership.
Adebowale is the founder and director of capacity global.
Adebowale is a member of virginia state society of certified public accountants and a member of american institute of certified public accountants.
Adebowale is one man whose middle name can be likened to an entrepreneur with a great sense of business.

What is the origin of name Adebowale? Probably UK or Nigeria.

Adebowale spelled backwards is Elawobeda
This name has 9 letters: 5 vowels (55.56%) and 4 consonants (44.44%).

Anagrams: Awobelaed Baeweldoa Deobeawla Ewalabedo Awdaobele Adaewolbe
Misspells: Sdebowale Adebowalle Adebovvale Adebowalea Aedbowale Adebowael Adebowlae

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