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The word Adedayo has a web popularity of 656000 pages.


What means Adedayo?
The meaning of Adedayo is unknown.

Ogungbile Adedayo Johnson says: "Adedayo" is a popular yoruba name in Nigeria that has a deep meaning depending on d circumstances that surrounds a child's birth. It's a name given to both male and female children. It is a combination of two words joined by a consonant "d" serving as a conjuction letter: "Ade" (meaning "Crown") and "Ayo" (meaning "Joy". Therefore, the name "Adedayo" literally means "crown turned to joy" which implies that the crowning of a person has brought joy. In yoruba culture, the birth of a child is a crown to a marriage. So when a child is born, it is believed that the marriage has been crowned. Moreover, in the deep meaning of the name "Adedayo", it is given to show a child born into a royal lineage as the word "Ade" literally means Crown. Therefore, "Adedayo" also dennotes a royal name given to a prince or a princess at birth to show the joy the birth of the child means to the royal family.

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What is the origin of name Adedayo? Probably UK or Nigeria.

Adedayo spelled backwards is Oyadeda
This name has 7 letters: 5 vowels (71.43%) and 2 consonants (28.57%).

Anagrams: Yodadae
Misspells: Sdedayo Adedaio Adedayoa Aeddayo Adedaoy Adedyao

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