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The word Adeleye has a web popularity of 862000 pages.


What means Adeleye?
The meaning of Adeleye is unknown.

Sanmi Adeleye says: Pronounced: Ahh-Dei-le-ye

martins Adebote says: Wants to catch up with Dr Opeyemi nee Adeleye. Graduant of university of Ilorin, Kwars, Nigeria

Web synthesis about this name:

...Adeleye is conducting a study of sickle cell patients to determine the role of nutrition in management of the disease.
Adeleye is board certified in internal medicine and is an active member of the american college of physicians and american society of internal medicine.
Adeleye is the first graduate of the dual engineering program at grambling state university majoring in electronic engineering technology and at.
Adeleye is the ifes regional training secretary for epsa.
Adeleye is in the learning skills center from 10 am to 3 pm he is here everyday except monday.
Adeleye is my sophomore english student this year at brighton high school in rochester.
Adeleye is collaborating with physicians richard howes and stephen barnes at university medical center on a study of sickle cell patients and their families.

What is the origin of name Adeleye? Probably Nigeria or UK.

Adeleye spelled backwards is Eyeleda
This name has 7 letters: 5 vowels (71.43%) and 2 consonants (28.57%).

Anagrams: Yedalee
Misspells: Sdeleye Adelleye Adeleie Adeleyea Aedleye Adeleey Adelyee

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