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The word Chima has a web popularity of 1320000 pages.


What means Chima?

The meaning of Chima is: African name of unknown meaning

Chima Umenze says: "Chima" means God knows. The name has its origin from the Igbo(s) living in the southern part of Nigeria. Chima is usually not the complete name but a shortened form to a person's name. People answer Chimaobi (God knows the heart), Chimamkpam (God knows my needs), Sochima (Only God knows), Chimaenye (God knows how to give). These are variations to the name "Chima". My name Chima in full is Chimaenye. Similar to Chima are other names like "Chuma" which also means God know. It is a shortened form for "Chukwuma"

Chima Ogbonnaya says: Sure, the revelation above is true. This blessed name Chima is: the vibration of God, Chi, among his creation, God knows, the Omni Science. Who so ever that bear this sacred name, does not sink in the ocean of difficulty in life, He or she is Divinly guided and assisted all his ways. Any temptation or challenge that life throws at him turns to his advantages for his growth. Every Chima on earth, is a living Star from Heaven, enlightening the earth.He harmonise his 5 senses of Sight-Sound-Smell-Test and Touch, just as his 5 alphabets reveals. C as Christ- H as Happiness- I as Ideal- M as Marvelous, Mother Earth- A as Adorable. Just understand, Love-Wisdom-Truth-Bounty-Justice. We love our name and we're proud of whom we are: We are every thing and we have it all. And when a Chima happens to be an Artist as I am, he perform wonders and feels very great. Every Chima on earth bless you all in the name of Chi. I am Chima Ogbonnaya, Chim's the Artist. Founder Chim's Heritage Fine Art Studio I'm an Igbo origine, from Biafra land, the land of the raising sun, from eastern Nigeria

Web synthesis about this name:

...Chima is a member of port harcourt worship group in nigeria.
Chima is designed not only to evhance the nice figure but also to help the figure not so fully blessed.
Chima is my baby brother and is the baby of our family.
Chima is currently a member of the compressor branch where he develops computer programs for analyzing fluid flow through turbomachinery.
Chima is paralyzed after crawling away from wreckage on a back road.
Chima is designed to enhance naval aviation safety by providing detailed three.
Chima is worn by wrapping on the chest and adjusted with a waistband attached.
Chima is in his second year as vice president and the team has been directly influenced by his calm management approach.
Chima is one of the quieter members of the pro wrestling club at komatane junior high school along with futaba.
Chima is widely known amongst river igbos and western igbos.

What is the origin of name Chima? Probably Nigeria or UK.

Chima spelled backwards is Amihc
This name has 5 letters: 2 vowels (40.00%) and 3 consonants (60.00%).

Anagrams: Chami Hmica Ihamc Hicma Miahc Ciamh Mciah Mahci Mhaic Cimha Hiamc Maihc Camih Ahcim
Misspells: Chims Chyma Chimaa Cihma Chiam Chmia

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