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The word Christopher has a web popularity of 82700000 pages.


What means Christopher?

The meaning of Christopher is: Christ-Bearer

Web synthesis about this name:

...Christopher is hanging on the monkey bars on our new playground.
Christopher is a leader among moderates in the republican party.
Christopher is chairman of the national security subcommittee of the government reform committee.
Christopher is everything donald would have hoped for.
Christopher is a beautiful two year old boy who has an illness which no doctor in this area can diagnose.
Christopher is also a world class fly fishing and casting champion who has won the international gold cup tarpon tournament.
Christopher is a partner in the trusts and estates practice group.
Christopher is considered to be the patron saint of travelers.
Christopher is loved and honored in the churches both of the east and the west.
Christopher is the only child who has been involved in business operations.

What is the origin of name Christopher? Probably UK or France.

Christopher spelled backwards is Rehpotsirhc
This name has 11 letters: 3 vowels (27.27%) and 8 consonants (72.73%).

Misspells: Chtistopher Christtopher Chrystopher Chlistopher Chistopher Chritopher Christophera Crhistopher Christophre Christopehr

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