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The word Christy has a web popularity of 15400000 pages.


What means Christy?

The meaning of Christy is: Variant spelling of Kristi

Vick Ojile says: pls can u just tell me d meaning of OJILE?

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...Christy is offered a chance to teach in her hometown.
Christy is a fellow of the american college of trial lawyers.
Christy is the one person i want to meet more than anything.
Christy is going to barnard college in new york where she will study english and international relations.
Christy is professor of atmospheric science and director of the earth system science center at the university of alabama in.
Christy is an awesome actress and a wonderful role model.
Christy is angry at a friend for misunderstanding her conversion.
Christy is introduced to aunt polly and david rubs ault allen the wrong way.
Christy is the story of a young 19th century woman who leaves the comforts of the city to invest her life as a teacher.
Christy is working toward a way to refrigerate the hundreds of thousands of truck trailers that carry food goods and other precious essentials.

What is the origin of name Christy? Probably UK or France.

Christy spelled backwards is Ytsirhc
This name has 7 letters: 2 vowels (28.57%) and 5 consonants (71.43%).

Anagrams: Hcyrits Rsihyct Hsirytc Hrytsic Ristyhc Tyhcisr Thyrcis Stihycr
Misspells: Chtisty Christty Chrysty Christi Chlisty Chisty Chrity Christya Crhisty Chrisyt Chritsy

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