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The word Ephraim has a web popularity of 18600000 pages.


What means Ephraim?

The meaning of Ephraim is: Fruitful

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...Ephraim is located in central utah on state highway 89.
Ephraim is pictured as a calf or a young bull in jeremiah 31.
Ephraim is about 14 miles north of jerusalem and 4 miles to the east of bethel.
Ephraim is situated approximately one mile from the end of the m2 and is located between the villages of boughton and hernhill.
Ephraim is a wonderful speaker and is a reservoir of knowledge and history of the melbourne jewish community.
Ephraim is managing and founding editor of the digital urology journal.
Ephraim is soon driven out of fort halifax by the local committee of safety.
Ephraim is in the heart of an 800 acre estate incorporating the house.
Ephraim is the church teaches that the membership of the church is largely made up of people who are descended physically from the lost.
Ephraim is commemorated before the beginning of great lent.

What is the origin of name Ephraim? Probably UK or Nigeria.

Ephraim spelled backwards is Miarhpe
This name has 7 letters: 3 vowels (42.86%) and 4 consonants (57.14%).

Anagrams: Hraimpe Imperah Rahiemp Hmepari Arimehp Pharmei Mahperi
Misspells: Ephrsim Ephtaim Ephraym Ephlaim Ephaim Ephraima Ehpraim Ephrami Ephriam

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