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The word Esther has a web popularity of 146000000 pages.


What means Esther?

The meaning of Esther is: -

Ester says: The meaning of Esther is: Star

Rebekka says: Rebekka is from norway

Joshua says: I am looking for Former Miss Esther Babalola who read Chemistry from Unilorin, served in Roseborn International Secondary School Abeokuta, married at Ogbomoso and staying in Ilorin town. Thanks. My name is: Joshua B. Agbogun (08036781439)

Esther Faith Crpio says: Swimmer of UST Tigersharks swimming Team

esther says: esther means "I hide"

Web synthesis about this name:

...Esther is the story of a jewish girl who saves her people during the rule of ancient persia.
Esther is observed in commemoration of the fast observed by mordechai and esther and all.
Esther is hand painted with gold color around and graced with many beautiful crystals.
Esther is designed for adoptive and prospective adoptive families.
Esther is the protagonist and narrator of the novel.
Esther is well on her way to the fame and fortune that beckons in the world of high glamour.
Esther is observed in memory of the fast observed by mordechai and esther and all israel.
Esther is unusual in that it is the only book of the bible that does not contain the name of gd.
Esther is lying or misunderstanding the significance of events.
Esther is a joy to work with while learning how to do your job more efficiently.

What is the origin of name Esther? Probably UK or Spain.

Esther spelled backwards is Rehtse
This name has 6 letters: 2 vowels (33.33%) and 4 consonants (66.67%).

Anagrams: Rteehs Treseh Theres Rsehet Retesh Setreh Hetres Esreht
Misspells: Esthet Estther Esthel Esthe Ether Esthera Etsher Esthre Estehr

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