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The word Jasen has a web popularity of 17800000 pages.


What means Jasen?

The meaning of Jasen is: Healer

Jasen Evans says: If I had a pound for every time that a person asked me if my name was spelt right then I'd be a millionaire by now!!

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...Jasen is a leading authority on american popular music.
Jasen is hoping her historical research will provide a broader understanding of the subject of cancer.
Jasen is currently researching the history of the concept of medical risk in relation to women and cancer.
Jasen is a 1990 graduate of international falls hish school.
Jasen is currently head coach of the emerald city pioneers.
Jasen is the founding member of the firm and a former associate judge of the court of appeals.
Jasen is strong in math and science and enjoys working with computers.
Jasen is a 1999 graduate of huntingdon college in montgomery alabama.
Jasen is one of the lost members of the great house of deer.
Jasen is a guitarist and he takes his guitar everywhere.

What is the origin of name Jasen? Probably UK or Malaysia.

Jasen spelled backwards is Nesaj
This name has 5 letters: 2 vowels (40.00%) and 3 consonants (60.00%).

Anagrams: Janes Sneaj Sanej Sejan Asjen Esnaj Nsaje Enajs Jsean Asnej Ensaj Nseja Jnesa Najse
Misspells: Jssen Jaen Jasena Jsaen Jasne Jaesn

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Jasen Gideon
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