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The word Lawrence has a web popularity of 63400000 pages.


What means Lawrence?

The meaning of Lawrence is: Laurel-Crowned

Igwegbe Lawrence says: Igwegbe Lawrence was born in Aba, an important commercial and Industrial city South East of Nigeria. He was educated at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka with a bachelor’s degree in Pure Mathematics. Though Igwegbe Lawrence is an accomplished Insurance sales and management strategist, he has published amongst others, “Insurance Policy, Buyers’ Intelligence” in Nigeria, “The Nigeria Question, The Inevitable Clash with the Cabals”. “Niger Delta, Agonies of Igbos and other Nationalities”, in USA. Lawrence is also a UK trained web designer and designs state-of-the-art websites and business weblogs Igwegbe Lawrence is happily married with children and at present lives in Lagos, Nigeria.

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...Lawrence is on a mission for constant improvement and to expand his knowledge in the holistic health arena.
Lawrence is at it again whilst the world bank has gone into public relations overdrive to assure us that structural adjustment programs.
Lawrence is good as gold we all know academy chaplain robert lawrence is as good as gold.
Lawrence is one of the few cities in the us founded strictly for political reasons.
Lawrence is one of the few cities founded purely for political reasons.
Lawrence is a small coeducational liberal arts college located on a wooded campus just fifteen miles north of new york city.
Lawrence is one of the few american cities founded purely for political reasons.
Lawrence is canny and crude but short on punch lines.
Lawrence is an internationally recognized cancer surgeon.
Lawrence is located in douglas county and it is the county seat.

What is the origin of name Lawrence? Probably UK or Nigeria.

Lawrence spelled backwards is Ecnerwal
This name has 8 letters: 3 vowels (37.50%) and 5 consonants (62.50%).

Anagrams: Nelrewca Cleerawn Anwecerl Welceanr Ewracnel Eclenarw
Misspells: Lswrence Lawtence Llawrence Lavvrence Lawlence Lawence Lawrencea Lwarence Lawrenec Lawrecne

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