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The word Opeyemi has a web popularity of 1220000 pages.


What means Opeyemi?

The meaning of Opeyemi is: Means "I should give praise" in Yoruba.

Opeyemi says: Opeyemi correct meaning is "I OWE GOD THANKS" The short form is OPE meaning THANKS

OPEYEMI Babalola says: it also means praise


Opeyemi Oluwatobiloba says: OPEYEMI is of this tone ''re mi re mi'' . We can get the meaning further in dis illustration : if some do you good that you dont or merely worth, or you benefit a kindness which many couldnt; then people will say 'you ougth to give thanks' saying to you as 'Ope ye O' and you will answer saying 'Ope ye Mi' as in you say: 'it worths I give thanks'. Thanks.........(Aremu Opeyemi Joseph, 08131975141; 08165277166)

Ogunleye Akinsola Opeyem says: Opeyemi to me meant "I'm to give thanks"

Bamidele Ebenezer Opeyemi says: The first three letters "OPE " means Thanks is the root name. The suffix "Yemi" means personal. Hence, the progenitors of child with this name experience unmerited blessing, favour, breakthrough ... before or during or shortly after the birth of such child. Thanks that is based on personal experience or divine intervention.

Web synthesis about this name:

...Opeyemi is fast becoming the scourge of those in power wherever they manifest authoritarian tendencies.
Opeyemi is pictured helping david move in and studying junqueira.

What is the origin of name Opeyemi? Probably Nigeria or UK.

Opeyemi spelled backwards is Imeyepo
This name has 7 letters: 5 vowels (71.43%) and 2 consonants (28.57%).

Anagrams: Ipyemoe Imoepye Yopeime
Misspells: Opeyemy Opeiemi Opeyemia Oepyemi Opeyeim Opeymei

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