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The word Pst has a web popularity of 234000000 pages.


What means Pst?
The meaning of Pst is unknown.

Web synthesis about this name:

...Pst is payable only when cleared in pq port and destined for a pq.
Pst is a set of software tools designed to make archival and queuing system interfaces uniform among the four dod msrcs.
Pst is the latest innovation in audio for next generation 128.
Pst is new manufacturer of fine plastic model kits of armour vehicles in scale 1.
Pst is a pesticide environmental risk screening tool that nrcs field office conservationists.
Pst is the original leatherman tool that started the pliers.
Pst is moving toward commercial release of pstorage infinifs.
Pst is to simplify the construction of complex particle codes by providing a high.
Pst is similar to the pstree command available on some unix variants.
Pst is een werkgroep binnen de organisatie die tot taak heeft om de beslissers te voorzien van relevante.

What is the origin of name Pst? Probably Nigeria or Kenya.

Pst spelled backwards is Tsp
This name has 3 letters: 0 vowels (0.00%) and 3 consonants (100.00%).

Misspells: Pstt Pt Psta Pts Spt

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