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What means Sunday?

The meaning of Sunday is: 7th day of the week

Sunday says: Hi There, Just a correction note for you...Sunday is the first day of the week, not the seventh.

Itumo Sunday says: sunday is the day of the week

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...Sunday is coming thirteenth sunday after pentecost august 18.
Sunday is dublin family day at dublin irish festival.
Sunday is next by todd halvorson cape canaveral bureau chief posted.
Sunday is to sign up for laboratory family day more.
Sunday is sellout u of m basketball awards banquet will be televised locally.
Sunday is the real day of worship as ordained by the creator of the universe.
Sunday is entitled to overtime pay for hours of work in excess of 8 hours in.

What is the origin of name Sunday? Probably Nigeria or UK.

Sunday spelled backwards is Yadnus
This name has 6 letters: 3 vowels (50.00%) and 3 consonants (50.00%).

Anagrams: Suynad Ynasdu Udyasn Nysuad Ndaysu Yusdan Ysnaud Ysanud Uanysd Uynsad Danysu Yndasu Usynda Adyusn Udnysa
Misspells: Sundsy Sundai Unday Sundaya Snuday Sundya Sunady

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Sunday Gold
Sunday Fasina
Sunday Ikpefua
Sunday Oyejide
Sunday Kunkur Simon
Sunday Aghaeze
Sunday Agbi
Sunday Anyaogu
Sunday Igoche
Sunday Odufuwa
Sunday Odiagbe
Sunday Ojejenu
Sunday Ayorinde
Sunday Yiedam Nnuka
Sunday Orobosa
Sunday Medagbase
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Sunday Offong
Sunday Oyedele
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Sunday Adetunmbi
Sunday Uwakwe
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Sunday Lale
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Sunday Awoyomi
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Sunday Sadiku
Sunday Okeowo
Sunday Irabor
Sunday Okoronkwo
Sunday Udeochu
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Sunday Ezeaku
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Sunday Ayanda
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Sunday Christian
Sunday Uba
Sunday Edor
Sunday Aboi
Sunday Obuh
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Sunday Akolade
Sunday Samuel
Sunday Abu Abu
Sunday Ikuemonisan
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Sunday Gbenjo
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Sunday Horsfall
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Sunday K.james
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Sunday Bamgbose
Sunday Obot
Sunday Wilfred
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Sunday Esiso Okpe
Sunday Caleb
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Sunday Ogunade
Sunday Sotomi
Sunday Makinde
Sunday Amolegbe
Sunday Olatujoye
Sunday Idowu
Sunday Taupyen
Sunday Anyaeji
Sunday Omotayo
Sunday Omojuni
Sunday Adegboye
Sunday Ngwu
Sunday Ameh
Sunday Malomo
Sunday Atuegbebhunu
Sunday Odeyemi
Sunday Adeogun
Sunday Ijidele
Sunday Eme Onuoha
Sunday Isah
Sunday Akisani Adamu
Sunday Onah
Sunday Uchenna
Sunday John
Sunday Onyi
Sunday Sistus
Sunday Onajobi
Sunday Aderemi
Sunday Ekundayo
Sunday Ndifreke
Sunday Sofola
Sunday Ubah
Sunday Urugbezi
Sunday Chijioke Ijah
Sunday Onafeko
Sunday Adejugbe
Sunday Ogbuanya
Sunday Celestine
Sunday Otosin
Sunday Nweke
Sunday Charles
Sunday Ogungbemi
Sunday Olanipekun
Sunday Victor
Sunday Adekeye
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Sunday Ojewumi
Sunday Nicholas Anasiudu
Sunday Adeloye
Sunday Dimgba
Sunday Bruce
Sunday Amos
Sunday Onyenachie Ozue
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Sunday Madojemu
Sunday Mshelia
Sunday Eduno
Sunday Okusami
Sunday Chukwurah
Sunday Chibututu
Sunday Bala
Sunday Ikwuka
Sunday Agu
Sunday Dangin
Sunday Alaba
Sunday Titilola
Sunday Adedokun
Sunday Ipinsokan
Sunday Olota
Sunday Igboanugo
Sunday Oni
Sunday Clery Jesus
Sunday Emah
Sunday Adewoye
Sunday Oludare
Sunday Enamuotor
Sunday Odukoya
Sunday J Akinrimisi
Sunday Okereke
Sunday Offiong Bassey
Sunday Wukangha
Sunday Medaiyedu
Sunday Ashonibare
Sunday Anifanu
Sunday Nnabuike
Sunday Ezeala
Sunday Eyiaromi
Sunday Udo Mong
Sunday William Nkwocha
Sunday Olope
Sunday Dogara
Sunday Ajetunmobi
Sunday Ogunseyin
Sunday Ebong
Sunday Nwafor
Sunday Kutan
Sunday Achu
Sunday Ornguga
Sunday Olusanya
Sunday Eni
Sunday Moronfolu
Sunday Ezissi
Sunday Richman
Sunday Chuky
Sunday Ibegbunam
Sunday Komolafe
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Sunday Unude
Sunday Rolland
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Sunday Olutunde
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Sunday Dagunduro
Sunday Osita
Sunday Elusoji
Sunday Idehen
Sunday Udensi
Sunday Erhun
Sunday Ajilore
Sunday Rotimi
Sunday Okutachi Ejima
Sunday Colman
Sunday Adex
Sunday Anuoluwapo
Sunday Sayepe
Sunday Omolaja
Sunday Onaolapo
Sunday Awoyemi
Sunday Omokaro
Sunday Paul Uoowoh
Sunday Omoogun
Sunday Adeyanju
Sunday Ikhidero
Sunday Alfred
Sunday Akindele
Sunday Evans
Sunday Obu
Sunday Okoji
Sunday Nwani
Sunday Ajala
Sunday Ogundijo
Sunday King
Sunday Ajide
Sunday Bature
Sunday Sunday
Sunday Ogunsanya
Sunday Ogunsimide
Sunday Gberevbie
Sunday Omuya
Sunday Peter Egba
Sunday Akhaigba
Sunday Ogunmoye
Sunday Mtn
Sunday Abudu
Sunday Olaoye
Sunday Ladoke
Sunday Ogbonna
Sunday Idajili
Sunday Okpokor
Sunday Ifesemen
Sunday Obaseki
Sunday Ukpata
Sunday Nkemakolam
Sunday Oko
Sunday Icheme
Sunday Tinuoye
Sunday Oriowo
Sunday Babatunde
Sunday Umoren
Sunday Onwube
Sunday Omiyehan
Sunday Agang
Sunday Olatunde Mulero
Sunday Dada
Sunday Mabadeje
Sunday Osungbadegun
Sunday Asabor
Sunday Ibazebo
Sunday Dagbo
Sunday Ugiomoh
Sunday Ekudayo
Sunday Adeagbo
Sunday Isokpehi
Sunday Olatunji
Sunday Ogunyale
Sunday Adebayo
Sunday Adegoriolu
Sunday Osifalujo
Sunday Oladipupo
Sunday Olayinka Aina
Sunday Tom
Sunday Ekpo
Sunday Edidiong
Sunday Olumuyiwa Alabi
Sunday Uteh
Sunday Ojofu
Sunday Folayan
Sunday Omegba
Sunday Erhunmwunsee
Sunday Amosun
Sunday Dugga
Sunday Akpedo
Sunday Ajaegbo
Sunday Chris
Sunday Shinkut
Sunday Nwakaego
Sunday Akpobo Ekerikevwe
Sunday Philemon
Sunday Adeoti
Sunday Matthew
Sunday Adekunrun
Sunday Omoloyegbe
Sunday Omoregie
Sunday Joji
Sunday Aletor
Sunday Olawore
Sunday Orokpo
Sunday Umanah
Sunday Samuel Nwankwo
Sunday Osifo
Sunday Dika
Sunday Ejiofor
Sunday Olubunmi
Sunday Oyediji
Sunday Abu
Sunday Ojuolape
Sunday Akinpelu
Sunday Olanipon
Sunday Oluwasanmi
Sunday Aderibigbe
Sunday Ogundoyin
Sunday Atoke
Sunday Nancy
Sunday Ogunlana
Sunday Michael Adeleye
Sunday Adewumi
Sunday John Udoh
Sunday Fasanmi
Sunday Enabulele
Sunday Songo
Sunday Salifu
Sunday Agholor
Sunday Umujose
Sunday Festus
Sunday Berkley
Sunday Otuya
Sunday Okwu Ojor
Sunday Ajagbe
Sunday Ikelegbe
Sunday Udo
Sunday Audu
Sunday Ikgwuonu
Sunday Adesanya
Sunday Anyaegbu
Sunday Olufemi Olayemi
Sunday Fadipe
Sunday Shodiyan
Sunday Egharevba
Sunday Okafor
Sunday Enya Oba
Sunday Awolowo
Sunday Franklyn
Sunday Chukwuma Osuwah
Sunday Abulele