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The word Yusuf has a web popularity of 123000000 pages.


What means Yusuf?

The meaning of Yusuf is: Arabic Form Of Joseph

DAUDA YUSUF OLATUNJI says: I am proud of all the people that bears my name ''Yusuf''. Congratulations

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...Yusuf is a prominent and well respected member of the british muslim community.
Yusuf is of the opinion that the charitable attitude of the present generation of the muslim has reached a state in which the function of collecting and.
Yusuf is a member of the team of georgia tech researchers involved in hypertext and hypermedia research.
Yusuf is known to have written a work on astronomy and produced a collection of astronomical tables.
Yusuf is known internationally for his leading role in the expanding field of islamic finance.
Yusuf is currently working with milwaukee public schools.
Yusuf is in winning the hearts and minds of the people.
Yusuf is also chairman of the united kingdom islamic education waqf.
Yusuf is executive director of united association for studies and research.
Yusuf is a professor of medicine at mcmaster university and a clinician at hamilton health sciences corporation.

What is the origin of name Yusuf? Probably UK or Turkey.

Yusuf spelled backwards is Fusuy
This name has 5 letters: 3 vowels (60.00%) and 2 consonants (40.00%).

Anagrams: Yufus Uusyf Sufuy Usyuf Usfuy Ysfuu Uysfu Ufuys Uufsy Ysuuf Ufsuy Yfusu Fuysu
Misspells: Iusuf Yuuf Yusufa Ysuuf Yusfu Yuusf

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