Abiodun - details and analysis   

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The word Abiodun has a web popularity of 2940000 pages.


What means Abiodun?

The meaning of Abiodun is: Born during a war

busari abiodun busayo says: just real, though i would like to say also that the meaning of the mentioned name is also a child born during festive period.

adekanlu oladipupo says: The meaning of abiodun is not born during war it is born during festive period.

Taofeeq Sanyaolu says: Abiodun-is born during fetival not during the war.

Lukman Idris Abiodun says: The Name Abiodun As It Implies Is A Noun,meaning Child Born During Festival Period.If Preadventure,someone Says That Is A Child Born During War,he/she Should Give The Proof For That.

Abiodun says: Abiodun means born during festivity. THe interpretation you gave is for another name which is Abisogun - born during war

fasinu abiodun says: the meaning of nudoiba in uk and american

Web synthesis about this name:

...Abiodun is a past president of the arts council of the african studies association.
Abiodun is considered to be one of the best juju musicians.
Abiodun is a contributor to five books and the author of over 56 scientific and technical journals and publications in the fields of fluid.
Abiodun is an original member of the legendary group.
Abiodun is praying to god to make his dream of becoming the next governor of ogun state.
Abiodun is professor of fine arts and black studies at amherst college.
Abiodun is quite familiar with this cuban phenomenon.
Abiodun is a veteran of the new afrikan independence movement.
Abiodun is a leader in helping developing countries utilize space science and technology.
Abiodun is a beautifully photographed volume of the art.

What is the origin of name Abiodun? Probably Nigeria or UK.

Abiodun spelled backwards is Nudoiba
This name has 7 letters: 4 vowels (57.14%) and 3 consonants (42.86%).

Anagrams: Idobnau Bdoinua Binudoa Iodunba Unbaodi Naduobi Inabdou Idanobu Dounaib Bidonau Oabinud Udinoab Duobnai
Misspells: Sbiodun Abyodun Abioduna Aibodun Abiodnu Abioudn

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Hassan Abiodun
Alade Babatunde Abiodun
Mark Abiodun
Awotimiro Ayobamidele Abiodun
Asake Abiodun
Daudu Abiodun
Ogunlana Abiodun
Olajumoke Abiodun
Oke Surajudeen Abiodun
Owoeye Abiodun
Okuneye Abiodun
Adetu Abiodun
Hammed Hammed Abiodun
Olawale Moshood Abiodun
Abari Abiodun
Omotayo Abiodun
Adetula Abiodun
Pastor Abiodun
Adesola Abiodun
Ajewole Abiodun
Badru Abiodun
Abbey John Abiodun
Allison Abiodun
Jenmi Abiodun
Ajisafe Abiodun
Moses Abiodun
Toyobo Abiodun
Tobatele Abiodun
Akin Abiodun
Babatunde Abiodun
Yacoub Abiodun
Olorunyomi Abiodun
Ajayi Damilola Abiodun
Olujimi Abiodun
Joseph Abiodun
Osidoro Abiodun
Smith Abiodun
Olufisayo Abiodun
Olaopa Abiodun
Jimoh Sikiru Abiodun
Jomilaye Abiodun
Alade Abiodun
Debola Abiodun
Ibukun Abiodun
Babayemi Abiodun
Obisanya Abiodun
Habeeb Abiodun
Gsm Abiodun
Dammy Abiodun
Adebisi Abiodun
Akingbade Abiodun
Oluwasemire Abiodun
Samson Abiodun
Obe Abiodun
Kelvin Abiodun
Sule Ayinla Abiodun
Adanikin Abiodun
Olosunde Abiodun
Abeeb Abiodun
Olufunke Abiodun
Ayoola Abiodun
Sulaimon Abiodun
Osunmo Abiodun
Oyinlola Abiodun
Olabisi Abiodun
Awogbemi Abiodun
Akanmu Abiodun