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The word Adamu has a web popularity of 3060000 pages.


What means Adamu?

The meaning of Adamu is: Man; earth


Web synthesis about this name:

...Adamu is currently a member of the association of nigerian authors national executive and its kano state branch chairperson.
Adamu is the coordinator of the nigeria iowa partnership.
Adamu is doing his part as the coordinator of the nigeria iowa partnership.
Adamu is on course wish to express my sincere commendation towards the developmental programmes and policies that are presently.
Adamu is working frantically to prevail on the powers that be to make funds available.
Adamu is of the opinion that the north is okay with the status quo being operated by the federal government insisting that true federalism and resource control.
Adamu is daying is that we have nothing to show for the money we spent.
Adamu is a member of the association of nigerian authors kano state branch and has just discovered his poetic talent.
Adamu is minstens in ons land een meerderheid gewonnen voor een meer humaan verwijderingsbeleid.
Adamu is not only making strenuous efforts at developing and keeping the place natural.

What is the origin of name Adamu? Probably Nigeria or UK.

Adamu spelled backwards is Umada
This name has 5 letters: 3 vowels (60.00%) and 2 consonants (40.00%).

Anagrams: Aduma Aumda Amadu Daamu Mauda Uadam Mudaa Aamdu Dauma Muada Uamad Aumad Udaam
Misspells: Sdamu Adamua Aadmu Adaum Admau

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