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The word Adeola has a web popularity of 2190000 pages.


What means Adeola?

The meaning of Adeola is: Rainbow

Whitney says: Seven letter word two syllables

Adeola Poroye says: it means either crown and wealth or crown and honor

Web synthesis about this name:

...Adeola is a member of the faculty initiative for technology in teaching.
Adeola is the founder and chairman of fate foundation nigeria.
Adeola is very explosive and brings athleticism that will enable her to provide immediate strength to the outside.
Adeola is the managing director of comprehensive project management services limited.
Adeola is not tired and does not look like someone who has put in 12 years in a bank.
Adeola is a council member of the institute of chartered accountants of nigeria and also belongs to the institute of directors of nigeria.
Adeola is very clear in his mind that it is time to leave having piloted the bank.
Adeola is a new brother initiated in the spring of 2002.
Adeola is a new brother initiated in the spring of 2002 page 3.
Adeola is professor of sociology at the university of new orleans.

What is the origin of name Adeola? Probably UK or Nigeria.

Adeola spelled backwards is Aloeda
This name has 6 letters: 4 vowels (66.67%) and 2 consonants (33.33%).

Anagrams: Adaelo Aelaod Doalae Eolaad Adaole Aaledo Oadlea Loadae Adaloe
Misspells: Sdeola Adeolla Adeolaa Aedola Adeoal Adeloa

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