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The word Emmanuel has a web popularity of 142000000 pages.


What means Emmanuel?

The meaning of Emmanuel is: God Is With Us

Emmanuel Lopele R says: Of course with this powerful name has many meanings as you said. This handsome name means God is anytime with us. Bye everybody for being mine!

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...Emmanuel is a really friendly college that is neither overly.
Emmanuel is a highly accessible college very close to the city centre.
Emmanuel is easily reached by car or public transport.
Emmanuel is the united church of canada college in the toronto school of theology.
Emmanuel is one of only a handful of americans currently racing on the other side of the atlantic.
Emmanuel is the senior residential college of the university of queensland.
Emmanuel is one of the first australian colleges to recognise the importance of having specialised staff.
Emmanuel is an inclusive christian congregation that seeks to minister to all who would worship the lord jesus christ.
Emmanuel is up to in the community and in the spirit.
Emmanuel is blessed with many faithful friends who believe in our mission and purpose.

What is the origin of name Emmanuel? Probably France or UK.

Emmanuel spelled backwards is Leunamme
This name has 8 letters: 4 vowels (50.00%) and 4 consonants (50.00%).

Anagrams: Uleanmem Eenlammu Elumanme Mumlenae Mneelmua Nmameule Anumelme Neelumam Emaenmul Emumealn
Misspells: Emmsnuel Emmanuell Emmanuela Emmanule Emmaneul

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Emmanuel Emmanuel Emmanuel Emmanuel Emmanuel

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