Henry - details and analysis   

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The word Henry has a web popularity of 724000000 pages.


What means Henry?

The meaning of Henry is: Ruler Of The Home

Henry njue njeru says: 'HENRY' means a ruler of the house.

henry jose izarra says: i would like my name to be in this list

Web synthesis about this name:

...Henry is featured in financial world wall street 100.
Henry is upbeat going into state meet by mark schmetzer enquirer contributor.
Henry is a bright spot in buffalo loss by mike doser date.
Henry is the most eminent and one of the oldest living african american physicist.
Henry is like zelig as at his young age we already have photos of him with batman.
Henry is a man accustomed to being ahead of the crowd.
Henry is witness to the marriage of mary and joe wright.
Henry is known for his inside scoops and irreverent flair.
Henry is the founder of the kentucky clean fuels coalition.
Henry is a consultant engineer who works through his own service company.

What is the origin of name Henry? Probably France or UK.

Henry spelled backwards is Yrneh
This name has 5 letters: 2 vowels (40.00%) and 3 consonants (60.00%).

Anagrams: Heyrn Nyreh Neyrh Rnyeh Hnyre Ynehr Ryehn Reynh Enyrh Ryneh Hyrne
Misspells: Henty Henri Henly Heny Henrya Hnery Henyr Herny

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