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What means Idemudia?
The meaning of Idemudia is unknown.

David Idemudia says: an engineering student from Nigeria studying Engineering in Canada

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...Idemudia is 9th in consumer interest of 16 internal medicine doctors.
Idemudia is 18th in consumer interest of 66 internal medicine doctors.
Idemudia is an assistant professor with the division of social science.
Idemudia is a young and highly principled man living in nigeria in the 1970s.
Idemudia is assistant professor of international development and african studies in the department of social science at york university.
Idemudia is an assistant professor in the department of international development and.
Idemudia is currently a phd student at the department of geography.
Idemudia is an assistant professor with the division of social science at york.
Idemudia is a clinical psychologist and full professor at north.

What is the origin of name Idemudia? Probably UK or Nigeria.

Idemudia spelled backwards is Aidumedi
This name has 8 letters: 5 vowels (62.50%) and 3 consonants (37.50%).

Anagrams: Udmiedai Meudiida Daimidue Iademudi Iumidaed Uemdidai Iemiudda Ieddimau
Misspells: Idemudis Ydemudia Idemudiaa Iedmudia Idemudai Idemuida

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Idemudia Idemudia Idemudia Idemudia Idemudia

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