Igbokwe - details and analysis   

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The word Igbokwe has a web popularity of 309000 pages.


What means Igbokwe?
The meaning of Igbokwe is unknown.

James Abbott says: Igbokwe as it is means Igbo agree. Amongst Igbo people of Nigeria in a group session is used to call to order or agreement.

Eusebius Igbokwe says: The literary meaning of Igbokwe is 'Igbo Agree' or ‘Igbo shout of joy’. It can, therefore, be said that the name means two things. It must be established that ‘Igbo’ is a way of referring to the universe or mankind or a general phenomenon. This is why when something is said to be “ozuru igbo” that thing is meant to be universal or applies to all mankind or it is a general phenomenon. The word ‘kwe’ means ‘agree/harmonize’ or ‘sing/shout for joy’. It can now be deduced that IGBOKWE may mean universal joy or universal harmony. When used in gatherings it is a way of calling for general harmony, peace and/or happiness. Little wonder Igbos are everywhere in the world contributing to universal harmony, peace and happiness.

What is the origin of name Igbokwe? Probably Nigeria or UK.

Igbokwe spelled backwards is Ewkobgi
This name has 7 letters: 3 vowels (42.86%) and 4 consonants (57.14%).

Anagrams: Giebowk Bkogeiw Gkobewi Gbewkoi Bokwegi Wegiokb Eikwogb Wgebiok Bwikoge Egokwib Beigkow Ewibgok Koweibg Oigbewk Kwogeib
Misspells: Ygbokwe Igbokvve Igbokwea Ibgokwe Igbokew Igbowke

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