Lamidi - details and analysis   

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The word Lamidi has a web popularity of 261000 pages.


What means Lamidi?
The meaning of Lamidi is unknown.

Lamidi Nafiu Baale says: Lamidi is a Muslim/Islamic name in Nigeria.

What is the origin of name Lamidi? Probably Nigeria or UK.

Lamidi spelled backwards is Idimal
This name has 6 letters: 3 vowels (50.00%) and 3 consonants (50.00%).

Anagrams: Laimdi Miladi Amildi Midila Ialidm Admili Idmila Imidla Alimid Ilmiad Iimlad Aimild Laidim
Misspells: Lsmidi Llamidi Lamydi Lamidia Lmaidi Lamiid Lamdii

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Timothy Lamidi
Joseph Lamidi
Okunde Lamidi
Yusuf Lamidi
Opeyemi Lamidi
Kasiru Lamidi
Oluwagbenga Lamidi
Wasiu Lamidi
Yomi Lamidi
Braimah Lamidi
Taofeek Adio Lamidi
Taofiki Lamidi
Semiu Lamidi
Taofeek Lamidi
Tayo Lamidi
Bose Lamidi
Kazeem Lamidi
Akim Lamidi
Adekunle Lamidi
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Gafar Lamidi
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Lawal Lamidi
Bukky Lamidi
Saka Lamidi
Basirat Lamidi
Tunde Lamidi
Taofek Lamidi
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Usman Lamidi
Bamidele Lamidi
Saheed Lamidi
Abdulrahmon Lamidi
Ayo Lamidi
Adetunji Lamidi
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Kola Lamidi
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Lamidi Adekola Lamidi
Jide Lamidi