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The word Ohia has a web popularity of 1830000 pages.


What means Ohia?
The meaning of Ohia is unknown.

Web synthesis about this name:

...Ohia is the associate dean for administration at creighton university school of pharmacy and allied health professions.
Ohia is also a professor in the department of pharmacy science at creighton and holds faculty appointments in the department of pharmacology and the department.
Ohia is established as an independent appraisal activity within the university for the review of operations as a service to management.
Ohia is literally translated from hawaiian as ohia tree hill.
Ohia is the dominant tree in the native hawaiian forest.
Ohia is made up of very little that i could call rules of order.
Ohia is the dominant tree in hawaiian dry to wet forests.
Ohia is a loose family of musicians who gather at certain times to work on the music that i write.
Ohia is the undercard of a triple bill including chris mills and damien jurado this friday.
Ohia is currently associate dean for administration for the creighton university school of pharmacy and allied health professions.

What is the origin of name Ohia? Probably Nigeria or New Zealand.

Ohia spelled backwards is Aiho
This name has 4 letters: 3 vowels (75.00%) and 1 consonants (25.00%).

Anagrams: Ohai Aiho Aohi Ahoi Ihoa
Misspells: Ohis Ohya Ohiaa Oiha Ohai

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