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The word Osobu has a web popularity of 24700000 pages.


What means Osobu?
The meaning of Osobu is unknown.

Charles Muyiwa Osobu says: The name Osobu originate from Nigeria (South West), Popular in Osun and Ogun states. Families who bear this name are not necessarily related.

Charles Muyiwa Osobu says: Osobu is pronounce as Oshobu.

What is the origin of name Osobu? Probably Nigeria or UK.

Osobu spelled backwards is Uboso
This name has 5 letters: 3 vowels (60.00%) and 2 consonants (40.00%).

Anagrams: Osubo Oubso Obosu Soobu Bouso Uosob Busoo Oobsu Soubo Buoso Uobos Oubos Usoob
Misspells: Oobu Osobua Oosbu Osoub Osbou

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Ooreoluwa Osobu
Okunola Osobu
Abisola Osobu
Adedapo Osobu
Tunde Osobu
Thomas Osobu
Dotun Osobu
Yinka Osobu
Remi Osobu
Timothy Osobu
Lola Osobu
Funbi Osobu
Adeboye Osobu
Adeolu Osobu
Adunola Osobu
Adekunle Osobu
Olakunle Osobu
Charles Muyiwa Osobu
Henryfemi Osobu
Yomi Osobu
Funpe Osobu
Deyo Osobu
Tokunbo Osobu
Kenny Osobu