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The word Yemi has a web popularity of 3590000 pages.


What means Yemi?
The meaning of Yemi is unknown.

yemi opedemowo says: He was a schoolmate and we lost contact in year 2000

Yemi Adetayo says: Yemi means befits Adeyemo means crown or royalty befits me

Web synthesis about this name:

...Yemi is a technical officer at balfour beatty rail maintenance.
Yemi is also pursuing a medical degree while shola is pursuing pharmacy degree.
Yemi is supposed to be watching her little brother while their mother is away at the market.
Yemi is a forward from london who was originally on schoolboy terms with millwall.
Yemi is now 2 chi and has focused 16 bringing her to 18 while poor hoshi is still on 16.
Yemi is a yoruba poet and is known all over the world.
Yemi is a yoruba poet and is know all over the world.
Yemi is countered by simple realist to pinch game on the last move for rich.
Yemi is awarded the certificate of appreciation when paul laker.
Yemi is at first reluctant to talk about the two years he has spent in israel.

What is the origin of name Yemi? Probably Nigeria or UK.

Yemi spelled backwards is Imey
This name has 4 letters: 3 vowels (75.00%) and 1 consonants (25.00%).

Anagrams: Eimy Imey Emyi Emiy Yime Iyme
Misspells: Yemy Iemi Yemia Ymei Yeim

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