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The word Caldeira has a web popularity of 9450000 pages.


What means Caldeira?
The meaning of Caldeira is unknown.

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...Caldeira is a climate scientist at the lawrence livermore national laboratory in livermore.
Caldeira is prohibited from selling or servicing insurance policies in oregon.
Caldeira is the president and sole shareholder of and only licensed agent employed by cis.
Caldeira is associate professor in the department of anthropology at the university of california.
Caldeira is her attempt to investigate this disjunctive gap.
Caldeira is the first to point out that the integration of solidus ecaretm with the other sys.
Caldeira is qualified as a preservation and packaging specialist.
Caldeira is the editor of the american journal of political science.
Caldeira is hij bij het verzamelen van cijfermateriaal voor zijn presentatie vele malen gestuit op de onwil bij de overheid om informatie te verstrekken.
Caldeira is the patron saint of faial and so his memory is marked with a holiday on june 24th and celebrated.

What is the origin of name Caldeira? Probably Brazil or Portugal.

Caldeira spelled backwards is Ariedlac
This name has 8 letters: 4 vowels (50.00%) and 4 consonants (50.00%).

Anagrams: Lacidare Dleicraa Iacdelra Rceadali Ralidcae Raildeac Ailaredc Cedriala Eldariac Aeclarid Deilcaar Cliardae
Misspells: Csldeira Caldeita Calldeira Caldeyra Caldeila Caldeia Caldeiraa Cladeira Caldeiar Calderia

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