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The word Sousa has a web popularity of 80200000 pages.


What means Sousa?
The meaning of Sousa is unknown.

Web synthesis about this name:

...Sousa is well equipped and ready for immediate use as an owner.
Sousa is the great variety of music that he composed.
Sousa is the best addition to the wolves in a long time.
Sousa is a director of the police institute at rutgers university in new jersey.
Sousa is associate director and a research fellow at the hoover institution.
Sousa is the director of bands and professor of music at the university of tennessee.
Sousa is also the recipient of the prestigious 2001 jefferson award and the national points of light award.
Sousa is vooral bekend geworden door de 136 marsen die hij heeft gecomponeerd.
Sousa is an international educational consultant and author of how the brain learns.
Sousa is that he was with patch and hot wheels in the early days in philadelphia.

What is the origin of name Sousa? Probably Portugal or Brazil.

Sousa spelled backwards is Asuos
This name has 5 letters: 3 vowels (60.00%) and 2 consonants (40.00%).

Anagrams: Soasu Osusa Uasos Ussoa Oussa Suaso Saosu Susoa Ausso Sasuo Aosus
Misspells: Souss Ousa Sousaa Suosa Souas Sosua

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Henriques Alberto Sousa
Moreira Leonor Sousa
Coelho Mariana Sousa
Gavaia Susana Sousa
Henriques Martinho Sousa
Pires Liliana Sousa
Dantas António Sousa
Mário Sousa
Moreira Ausenda Sousa
Pinheiro Eva Sousa
Nena Carina Sousa
Domingues Albino Sousa
Cachado Eduardo Sousa
Barbosa Luís Sousa
Petrolino Helena Sousa
Silva Nuno Sousa
Augusto Carlos Sousa
Monteiro Sandra Sousa
Brás Vítor Sousa
Martins Aurora Sousa
Francisco Tatiana Sousa
Lopes Bento Sousa
Santos Humberto Sousa
Nascimento Marcelino Sousa
Pires Acácio Sousa
Roque Márcio Sousa
Vital Edson Sousa
Franco Nuno Sousa
Baptista Ilda Sousa
Futuro José Sousa
Lagoeiro Agostinho Sousa
Arouca António Sousa
Bordalo José Sousa
Pinto Diana Sousa
Pelicano Sandra Sousa
Valério José Sousa
Loureiro Susana Sousa
Nascimento Maria Sousa
Guimarães Manuel Sousa
Grade Maria Sousa
Rodrigues Jorge Sousa
Garcia Salvador Sousa
Marujo Ana Sousa
Quintal Pedro Sousa
Lorvão Regina Sousa
Guerreiro Maria Sousa
Almeida Evaristo Sousa
Craveiro António Sousa
Melim Roberto Sousa
Almeida Albino Sousa
Ideia Maria Sousa
Machado Vladimiro Sousa
André Armando Sousa
Costa Elisa Sousa
Ventura Emília Sousa
Carvalhosa João Sousa
Vieira Francisca Sousa
Pereira Augusto Sousa
Alves Ângela Sousa
Paeta Carlos Sousa
Santos Dionísio Sousa
Pinheiro Rogério Sousa
Inácio Vitória Sousa
Lopes Catarina Sousa
Peixoto Samuel Sousa
Bessa Cândida Sousa
Ramos José Sousa
Bettencourt Maria Sousa
Ferreira Manuel Sousa
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Lobo Joaquim Sousa
Matos M Sousa
Carvalho Sílvia Sousa
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Clemente Esmeraldo Sousa
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Pinheiro João Sousa
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Campos Susana Sousa
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Castro Agostinho Sousa
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Durães Emílio Sousa
Amaro Lídia Sousa
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Lima Paulo Sousa
Pintassilgo Joaquim Sousa
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