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Frequenty Asked Questions

How reliable are these names?
Answer: Very reliable, it is possible but not probable to find invalid names here.

How can I verify that a certain name is from the country you claim?
Answer: Be creative and use Google. You can try the "site:" operator combined with country
extension code, like "Rosario Piquer site:es". You can find a list with codes here.

Am I allowed to use these names on my site/application?
Answer: Feel free to use them in any way you want as long as you are not doing anything illegal.
Credits to name-list.net are not required but they are appreciated.

How are the names generated?
Answer: They are generated from list of names, using rand() function.

Can these random names belong to real persons?
Answer: It is possible, but very improbable. Again, you can use search engines to test.

What’s the use of random names?
Answer: You can create fictional characters, fake online identities, online game nicknames, etc.

How can I contact the webmaster?
Answer: Use the contact form.

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