Cursaru - details and analysis   

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The word Cursaru has a web popularity of 77300 pages.


What means Cursaru?
The meaning of Cursaru is unknown.

What is the origin of name Cursaru? Probably Romania or Italy.

Cursaru spelled backwards is Urasruc
This name has 7 letters: 3 vowels (42.86%) and 4 consonants (57.14%).

Anagrams: Rasuucr Uasrurc Ururasc Rsaruuc Ruucsar Ucarsur Rucuasr Racusur Asrucru Urasucr Scurura Raruscu Arsuucr
Misspells: Curssru Cutsaru Culsaru Cusaru Curaru Cursarua Crusaru Cursaur Cursrau

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Cursaru Cursaru Cursaru Cursaru Cursaru
Cursaru Cursaru Cursaru Cursaru Cursaru

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Roxana Madalina Cursaru
Colceag Cursaru
Stanel Cursaru
Moise Cursaru
Gabriel Cursaru
Ilie Cursaru
Dorin Cursaru
Elisabeta Cursaru
Camelia Cursaru
Nicoleta Simona Cursaru
Vasile Cursaru
Magdalena Cursaru
Radu Cursaru
Sorinel Cursaru
Paul Gabriel Cursaru
Elena Cursaru
Manuela Gabriela Cursaru
Neculai Cursaru
Radita Cursaru
Ancuta Cursaru
Corneliu Cezar Cursaru
Dorina Cursaru
Laurentiu Cursaru
Marcel Cursaru
Dumitru Cursaru
Adrian Cursaru
Dumitrache Cursaru
Marieta Cursaru
Marius Cursaru
Petre Cursaru
Ioana Cursaru
Carmelia Cursaru
Elena Georgeta Cursaru
Maria Cursaru
Mihail Cursaru
Cocuta Cursaru
Emilian Cursaru
Manaila Cursaru
Alexandru Cursaru
Doina Cursaru
Viorica Cursaru
Ludmila Vilma Cursaru
Cleopatra Cursaru
Tedi Cursaru
Andrei Iuliu Cursaru
Cosmin Cursaru
Enache Cursaru
Sevastita Cursaru
Constantin Cursaru
Florentina Cursaru
Cecilia Cursaru
Serban Cursaru
Mihai Cursaru
Joita Cursaru
Alexandrina Cursaru
Gheorghe Cursaru
Niculina Cursaru
Sandel Danut Cursaru
Florea Cursaru
Simona Adriana Cursaru
Grigore Cursaru
Doina Matilda Cursaru
Lucian Stefan Cursaru
Lucian Mircea Cursaru
Florica Cursaru
Teodora Cursaru
Nicolae Cursaru
Ion Cursaru
Rada Cursaru
Marin Cursaru
Anica Cursaru
Paraschiva Cursaru
Dorinel Cursaru
Stanian Saragea Cursaru
Ciprian Cursaru
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Ionut Cosmin Cursaru
Daniela Cursaru
Mirela Denisa Cursaru
Barbu Cursaru
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Stefan Cursaru
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Zamfira Cursaru
Mircea Cursaru
Lavina Cursaru
Cristina Consuela Cursaru