Voivod - details and analysis   

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The word Voivod has a web popularity of 3550000 pages.


What means Voivod?

The meaning of Voivod is: from the word voivod variant of voievod vaivode ; see also the toponymic name voivoda

What is the origin of name Voivod? Probably Romania.

Voivod spelled backwards is Doviov
This name has 6 letters: 3 vowels (50.00%) and 3 consonants (50.00%).

Anagrams: Vodiov Diovvo Ovdovi Idvoov Oivvod Ivodvo Dovvoi Odivov Voidvo Divovo Ovdivo Vvidoo Dvivoo Ovidvo Vodovi
Misspells: Voyvod Woivod Voivoda Viovod Voivdo Voiovd

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Petru Voivod
Valeria Stela Voivod
Tanasie Voivod
Grigore Vasile Voivod
Camelia Voivod
Liviu Voivod
Dumitru Voivod
Iosif Danut Voivod
Iuliana Voivod
Flora Voivod
Vasile Emilian Voivod
Ironim Voivod
Claudia Voivod
Cosmin Grigore Voivod
Dana Voivod
Gabriela Simona Voivod
Mirel Mircea Voivod
Lucica Voivod
Lucretia Maria Voivod
Maria Voivod
Aurel Voivod
Helena Voivod
Ana Voivod
Iulian Voivod
Nastasia Voivod
Arieta Augusta Voivod
Jenica Irina Voivod
Vasile Voivod
Aurelia Voivod
Constantin Voivod
Ioan Voivod
Deliuta Voivod
Madalina Voivod
Andrei Voivod
Grigore Voivod
Nicolae Voivod
Vladimir Voivod
Teodor Voivod
Liviu Vasile Voivod
Teodor Stefan Voivod
Gavril Voivod