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The word Antonina has a web popularity of 16100000 pages.


What means Antonina?

The meaning of Antonina is: Feminine Form Of Antonio Beyond Praise

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...Antonina is the living room of their home in aliquippa.
Antonina is survived by one daughter lidia iwanowa karasyova.
Antonina is a relative of the late bandleader lawrence welk born near strasburg.
Antonina is my favorite babushka to visit and has exactly two personalities.
Antonina is considered as the best in the state and among other attractions of the city there are.
Antonina is able to save the city and the empire from those in revolt by using her grenadiers to clear the city streets.
Antonina is a second year student studying fine arts at the universtiy of auckland.
Antonina is one of 120 high school students working at jefferson this summer.
Antonina is dazzling in her sweeping skirt and bolero jacket.
Antonina is each of the federal censuses for country of origin.

What is the origin of name Antonina? Probably Russia or Italy.

Antonina spelled backwards is Aninotna
This name has 8 letters: 4 vowels (50.00%) and 4 consonants (50.00%).

Anagrams: Otnianna Nanaonti Naitonna Nitannoa Tnananio Anoniatn Inonatna Nnatanio Onitaann Atinnoan
Misspells: Sntonina Anttonina Antonyna Antoninaa Atnonina Antonian Antonnia

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