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What means Tatjana?

The meaning of Tatjana is: A Russian Saint

Tatjana Vukelik says: Thank you :)

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...Tatjana is one of the biggest names to emerge from the troubled republic that used to be part of yugoslavia and which is now.
Tatjana is very well known to me as tatjana and i were studying at the same time at the ukrainian national musical academy.
Tatjana is taken captive and shipped to magdeburg germany as captive labor.
Tatjana is tenslotte ook maar een mens van vlees en bloed en ook zij kan maar.
Tatjana is zowel nationaal als internationaal een gewild fotomodel.
Tatjana is a straight forward and unpretentious photographer.
Tatjana is a 15 time swiss champion and has also been world cup champion and european champion.
Tatjana is volgens de regisseur zowel een komedie als een road movie.
Tatjana is a concordia graduate making a positive impact in a northern community.
Tatjana is smiling at what she has done with the thatch of major colin allder td ra.

What is the origin of name Tatjana? Probably Russia or UK.

Tatjana spelled backwards is Anajtat
This name has 7 letters: 3 vowels (42.86%) and 4 consonants (57.14%).

Anagrams: Tajaatn Aajtant Atanajt Tjanaat Naatjat Atanjat Tataajn Tatajan Ajnatta Atajatn Jtatana Natajta Anjaatt
Misspells: Tstjana Ttatjana Tatjanaa Ttajana Tatjaan Tatjnaa

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