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The word Vasily has a web popularity of 1520000 pages.


What means Vasily?

The meaning of Vasily is: Protector, Guardian.

vasiliy says: it old greek namecome from vasilis amin .....william, wesly, bill, arabic feysal....

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...Vasily is especially dear to our parish because in september of 1988 the altar table of our cathedral was consecrated on his.
Vasily is all business as he chalks up to put the finishing touch on his first olympic championship.
Vasily is amongst these men who make it to land where they only have enough rifles for every other soldier.
Vasily is the chief physician for the sakhalin railway medical and health service.
Vasily is concerned about his elder son who is a philanderer.
Vasily is a retired army colonel and now he and his wife do these home stays for ff.
Vasily is currently serving as a medical consultant.
Vasily is seeking an industry partner to assist in property development.
Vasily is behind the chemical factory waiting for the major to appear.
Vasily is standing at far right along with the other soviet amateurs soviet meteor group.

What is the origin of name Vasily? Probably Russia or Ukraine.

Vasily spelled backwards is Ylisav
This name has 6 letters: 3 vowels (50.00%) and 3 consonants (50.00%).

Anagrams: Vaysli Syvali Asivly Silyva Yavils Alsyvi Ilsyva Ysilva Avysil Ivsyal Yisval Aisyvl Vaylis
Misspells: Vssily Vasilly Vasyly Vasili Wasily Vaily Vasilya Vsaily Vasiyl Vasliy

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Vasily Savelov
Vasily Skrimer
Vasily Khvostikov
Vasily Gedzyuk
Vasily Buynobzdyaschy
Vasily Pitrovich
Vasily Zagrunidze
Vasily Evsyukov
Vasily Faturin
Vasily Nonov
Vasily Shmigol
Vasily Vorobev
Vasily Koblikov
Vasily Chechigashev
Vasily Opatsky
Vasily Beltsev
Vasily Bolelov
Vasily Glazachev
Vasily Shklyarov
Vasily Maty
Vasily Gury
Vasily Fedotkov
Vasily Makhrovsky
Vasily Obolonik
Vasily Elesov
Vasily Kotyshev
Vasily Zabubensky
Vasily Sikach
Vasily Dachnikov
Vasily Karmalsky
Vasily Zabarsky
Vasily Zhopuzashili
Vasily Yoxanec
Vasily Kloun
Vasily Dushinsky
Vasily Prezhnikov
Vasily Pasenko
Vasily Dorofeenkov
Vasily Kurmaev
Vasily Stratienko
Vasily Kulichikov
Vasily Netkachev
Vasily Chernevich
Vasily Gorgodze
Vasily Koralesov
Vasily Liberzon
Vasily Shelegov
Vasily Smurov
Vasily Igushev
Vasily Edryshov
Vasily Chepukakov
Vasily Gorbulev
Vasily Gnutyy
Vasily Svyatsky
Vasily Tyumin
Vasily Kozarezov
Vasily Ogarkin
Vasily Smykalov
Vasily Asmankin
Vasily Roger
Vasily Antony
Vasily Luzhnyy
Vasily Bolandov
Vasily Lutkov
Vasily Onezhkin
Vasily Shilkin
Vasily Odnoobrazov
Vasily Lisichkin
Vasily Lallko
Vasily Tyubek
Vasily Ryzhonkov
Vasily Schepetyev
Vasily Sgura
Vasily Ant
Vasily Chekhunov
Vasily Zheludev
Vasily Dirobov
Vasily Kior
Vasily Ubogy
Vasily Lychkin
Vasily Mazankin
Vasily Korbkin
Vasily Yanok
Vasily Pudkinin
Vasily Sholudenko
Vasily Karabikhin