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The word Nazarov has a web popularity of 8290000 pages.


What means Nazarov?

The meaning of Nazarov is: from the bulgarian and russian name nazarov ; see also the polish name nazarow

Web synthesis about this name:

...Nazarov is under the house arrest and every day he is questioned by police and national security officials.
Nazarov is a postdoctoral research fellow with 18 years experience in the field of low.
Nazarov is to be appointed minister of oil and gas and mineral resources of turkmenistan for a six.
Nazarov is the foreign minister of the republic of tajikistan back.
Nazarov is a graduate of the leningrad polytechnical institute with a degree in computer systems.
Nazarov is planning to compete in the world final leipzig.
Nazarov is very quickly and sometimes not so quietly silencing the skeptics who.
Nazarov is a tough guy who possess some offensive talent.
Nazarov is charged with the crimes pursuant to eleven articles of the criminal code including deliberate murder.
Nazarov is also concerned with political mobilisation.

What is the origin of name Nazarov? Probably Russia or Moldova.

Nazarov spelled backwards is Vorazan
This name has 7 letters: 3 vowels (42.86%) and 4 consonants (57.14%).

Anagrams: Zraavno Arazvon Azvoran Zarovan Ovanarz Zonraav Arzonva Vaaronz Vonzaar Azravno Anazvor
Misspells: Nszarov Nazatov Nazarow Nazalov Nazaov Nazarova Nzaarov Nazarvo Nazaorv

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Iskandar Nazarov
Fakhridin Nazarov
Chingizkhan Nazarov
Rinad Nazarov
Dzhambulat Nazarov
Naim Nazarov
Mehrog Nazarov
Geogy Nazarov
Valinur Nazarov
Vildar Nazarov
Stasik Nazarov
Aleksander Nazarov
Fedka Nazarov
Polina Nazarov
Zarafshon Nazarov
Dzhanik Nazarov
Dyonis Nazarov
Edvin Nazarov
Mukhiddin Nazarov
Gyulaga Nazarov
Arab Nazarov