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The word Tarasov has a web popularity of 1960000 pages.


What means Tarasov?
The meaning of Tarasov is unknown.

Web synthesis about this name:

...Tarasov is considered to be the great architect of the soviet hockey empire.
Tarasov is in finland to promote the establishment of a cultural centre in petrozavodsk.
Tarasov is considered the father of soviet hockey and his foresight and coaching genius was well ahead of his time.
Tarasov is now part of a team being funded by the eu to investigate how electricity can cause earthquakes.
Tarasov is one of the greatest percussionists alive.
Tarasov is a member of a bureau of coordinating council of the ministry of foreign economic affairs of the russian federation and a member of the advisory.
Tarasov is senior research fellow in the department of cultural history of the institute of slavic studies.
Tarasov is the man that invented the soviet hockey program.
Tarasov is of the opinion that the siberians cannot be blamed for their attitude as long as the state has no concept of how to deal with nuclear waste.
Tarasov is currently a member of the moscow composers orchestra and contributes to many international projects.

What is the origin of name Tarasov? Probably Russia or Moldova.

Tarasov spelled backwards is Vosarat
This name has 7 letters: 3 vowels (42.86%) and 4 consonants (57.14%).

Anagrams: Rsaavto Asarvot Arvosat Rasovat Ovatasr Rotsaav Asrotva Vaasotr Votraas Arsavto Atarvos
Misspells: Tsrasov Tatasov Ttarasov Tarasow Talasov Taasov Taraov Tarasova Traasov Tarasvo Taraosv

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Zhenichka Tarasov
Cap Tarasov
Taran Tarasov
Dzhangar Tarasov
Slavyan Tarasov
Lidzhi Tarasov
Dumka Tarasov
Vsevolod Tarasov
Yevgen Tarasov
Kuzmich Tarasov
Alexey Tarasov
Evdokim Tarasov
Tyomich Tarasov
Kommunist Tarasov
Canyok Tarasov
Karlos Tarasov
Aristarkh Tarasov
Kim Tarasov
Valekha Tarasov