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The word Vadim has a web popularity of 32,300,000 pages.


What means Vadim?

The meaning of Vadim is: Unknown

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...Vadim is not a physical player though he has made considerable strides in this area during this season.
Vadim is experiencing will have many benefits to clients including the depth of services and the expanded capabilities of the product.
Vadim is an associate of both the financial planning association of australia.
Vadim is clearly passionate about his records and about music in general.
Vadim is the king of cutting edge hip hop and the master of the sublime russian percussion.
Vadim is one of many who take a snapshot in time and think it is the long.
Vadim is intent on quickly getting down to the serious business of having a good time.
Vadim is working hard developing billet replacement for v8shos.
Vadim is often on tours with the kremlin ballet and as the guest soloist with other famous companies.
Vadim is my attempt to do some of the web stuff i always wanted to do.

What is the origin of name Vadim? Probably Russia or Moldova.

Vadim spelled backwards is Midav
This name has 5 letters: 2 vowels (40.00%) and 3 consonants (60.00%).

Anagrams: Mavdi Dmaiv Amivd Maidv Vidam Amdiv Viamd Vmiad Vmaid Divam
Misspells: Vsdim Vadym Wadim Vadima Vdaim Vadmi Vaidm

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